Antioch: Motorcyclist Airlifted to Local Hospital After Crash on James Donlon


At roughly 5:45 pm Monday, Contra Costa County Firefighters responded to a report of a motorcycle crash on James Donlon Blvd near G Street in the City of Antioch.

It was reported that a male rider was down on the ground and not moving. Upon arrival, firefighters confirmed the subject sustained a major head injury and requested a medical helicopter. Antioch Police also responded.

Just after 6:03 pm, the CALSTAR landed at the Antioch Community Park baseball fields to transport the rider.

No further information was available.


  1. Hi, I actually just passed by the scene, which prompted me to google search. Why was the helicopter needed where Surrer hospital is only approximately 400 yards away?

    • Major head trauma needs to be treated at a ‘trauma unit’, Sutter is a fine hospital, I’ve been treated there, but they don’t have a full on ‘trauma unit’.

    • My backyard backs up to james donlon. We have a freaking ladder set up in our backyard to see all the crashes at the S curve past nightengale…been watching this since our house was built!

    • You really think Sutter is a good hospital? I wouldn’t bring my pet rat there or my worst enemy for help.

  2. We need heavy traffic patrols on J/D all the time. Any time of day they pass you doing 80 or more.

  3. My backyard backs up to the curve at james donlon/nightingale where there is ALWAYS accidents…No one bothers to slow down. We have a ladder in our backyard to look over the soundwall to watch all the accidents…we have called 911 several times since 1976.

  4. Justice. This is the riders father. I too was a motorcycle rider.
    1. Did you actually see the accident?
    2. What happened for you to think it was a malfunction?
    Any details would be helpful. Thanks

    BTW…. he’s recovering well.

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