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Antioch Mayors Race Grows to 8 Candidates

by ECT

As of Thursday, the candidates running for Antioch Mayor now stands at eight. Currently, of the eight who have pulled papers, only one has qualified.

In 2016, the Mayors race had four candidates which Sean Wright prevailed over then Mayor Wade Harper by just 64 votes.


  • Sean Wright (I) – Current Mayor.
  • Julio Mendez: no info
  • Rakesh Kumar Christian: (qualified candidate): 2014 candidate for Governor of CA
  • Kenneth Turnage II: former Antioch Planning Comissioner and small business owner.
  • Monica Wilson: currently an Antioch City Councilmember.
  • Wade Harper: former Mayor of Antioch.
  • Gabriel Makinano: small business owner
  • Elizabeth Householder: currently an Antioch Unified School District Trustee

The Candidate filing period for offices in cities, schools, community Colleges, and special Districts is from July 13th to August 7th, 2020 in order to appear on the November 2020 ballot.

Other Antioch City Council Races

Council District 1

  • Joyann Motts
  • Manuel Soliz
  • Fernando Navarrete
  • La Donna Norman
  • Tamisha Walker

Council District 2

  • Tony Tiscareno
  • Michael Barbanica

Council District 3

  • Lori Ogorchock
  • Lamar Thorpe
  • Wayne Steffen
  • Antwon Webster

Council District 4

  • Alex Astorga
  • Sandra White

City Treasurer

  • James Davis (I)

City Clerk

Arne Simonsen (I)

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Jamie Jul 23, 2020 - 6:04 pm

Vote for Kenneth!!!!! AMERICA!!! Make Antioch Great Again!!

Tired of the Counsel lies. Jul 23, 2020 - 10:47 pm

Remember these current and past mayors and members of counsel helped put Antioch in the slums of today. Totally new in Nov.

Political Shark Jul 28, 2020 - 11:37 pm

I’m surprised that they are even running! Do they enjoy being slapped around?

Mary Rogers Aug 1, 2020 - 1:34 pm

Why is it that everyone – and their dog – think they can just announce they are running for mayor and/or city council without some sort of plan in mind they can share with the public. So? Any Joe Blow is eligible? Isn’t history repeating itself here. This city has a long standing track record of putting in people who actually ruined a once nice town and made it a slum! This is now being done again! Time to put an end to this fiasco

Monty Aug 2, 2020 - 12:38 am

Speaking with a number of people who have lived in Antioch for many, many decades (going back to the early 1960’s), and it seems that nothing but fuck ups have run this city to the ground and they kept getting reelected! One group after another got in and then proceeded to run it like it’s their personal fiefdom. This has to stop! This last batch is the worst of all. Be very careful who you vote for because they will lie through their teeth to you and it will be business as usual.

Take Antioch back! Jul 24, 2020 - 9:03 am

Kenneth? Uh no! He is the one who was “Let go” from the City Council as he made remarks about letting our “Seniors” who have contracted Covid-19 pass as they are “taking up space.” Kenneth is not who needs to be running our City! Do your homework, taxpayers. It is time we get someone qualified, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and caring into the office. Antioch doesn’t need any more politicians who tell you a great story to get into office and than they do as they please once elected. Antioch is suffering. We need someone who will take the job seriously and get the job done!

Take our City back! Jul 24, 2020 - 9:21 am

Ken? Are you kidding? Do your homework residents of Antioch. Kenneth is the “Former” planning committee personnel for the City. He was “Removed” from office when he spoke out of turn and rudely about our seniors. He mentioned that any “Senior” who caught Covid-19 should be “Let go out in the pasture” as they are already wasting space. Have some manners and common sense!
This is not who needs to be running the City. Antioch is suffering, and we, as the citizens, need to take our City back! We do not need another politician who “Sells a good campaign” and then does what he/she wants once appointed into office. Enough games! Enough lies!
We need someone who can take the job seriously and get the job done! Race, creed, religion, gender, etc. is not what matters. Get someone qualified into the office.

Fusioner Jul 29, 2020 - 3:05 am

Maybe we can look for people who turned a city on the skids back into what it used to be. This person probably would not be from Antioch. We need to look for someone outside Antioch who holds a record on making prudent decisions and maybe even be instrumental at changing some laws. Look at Berkeley. They are doing their own thing.

Loretta Sweatt Jul 24, 2020 - 10:09 am

I’m voting for Ken Turnage II. It’s time for a change of all City Council Members, except for Lori Orgochock.

Lauren Ford Jul 28, 2020 - 11:41 pm

I would vote for Lori but what turned me off her was her voting to fly the LGBTQXYZ banner last summer. I am not a fan of deviants and their supporters.

Winifred Duffy Jul 25, 2020 - 7:22 am

Can we please have some information on policy positions? Education levels? Experience? Are they liberal, progressive, or Trump supporters? Would be appreciated.

Jane dough Jul 25, 2020 - 8:44 am

Stop voting for people that make feel good statements and support every fad “movement” going on at the time… these are the sheep that have been running antioch into the ground for years and years.

DO vote for a person that stands for the city, even if the comments Come off as harsh.

Take our city back, and take antioch back (although I know you’re the same person) grow up. You don’t have to be offended by everything someone says. Some times we disagree with people and move on.

John Doe Jul 25, 2020 - 6:53 pm

It is time to put Antioch first and stop allowing Pittsburg, Brentwood, and even Oakley to grab businesses that locate next to our borders to take advantage of our larger population, to take the business that we should have. It is time to stop making promises about a larger Police force while allowing even more section 8 scum to deface our community and dump trash in our streets. Stop Police, and code enforcement’s inability to do their job by stopping the tax grabs that are supposed to go for hiring more of them so that they can do their jobs! Bring industry in that can hire people and stop making this a bedroom community who has to commute out to find a job on an inadequate BART that was only put in to appears tax payers who have paid for the FULL system for over 40 years! If Richmond can bus derelicts to us, why can’t we bus them back? Put up more cameras and use them to enforce the law, and stop allowing our older neighborhoods to be ignored and ran down because only the newer sections of town, which are filled with crime and juvenile delinquents, who are putting fear in to the taxpayers. Hold parents liable for their own kids and stop thinking community service officers in schools are more valuable then armed police officers on our streets. STOP THE MADNESS, STOP ALL THE POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, AND PROTECT YOUR CITIZENS AND THEIR PROPERTY VALUES, AND GET REAL JOBS HERE. THE REST WILL TAKE CARE OF ITSELF IN HIGHER TAX REVENUES, BETTER SCHOOLS, LESS CRIME, AND LESS TRASH ON OUR STREETS!

Diana Reed Jul 28, 2020 - 11:50 pm

I was discussing the issue of why and how Antioch has gone so far downhill. She related how things were in the 1950’s and 1960’s when you didn’t even lock your door even if you left for a trip. Then, things started moving south in the early 1970’s … starting in the Sycamore area and it’s neighborhood. That got the ball rolling. Stores started shutting down. A place called New York Fabrics, where she was a customer, left the area. Others followed.

The city was run by extremely incompetent people who made some very poor decisions and the city continued it’s downward spire. Then Section 8 kicked in and that speeded up the process even more. Some real trash started moving into this city.

Another group of total incompetents got on the city council and it’s been the same ever since. Now, this city is one big slum!

It is what it is... Aug 2, 2020 - 8:57 pm

K2 can’t even give his workers a decent wage let alone give a raise,bet that’s why he lost his best workers,he rather expect them to show up to work in the morning when they are on their deathbed,guys a fkn joke,real trump of Antioch,don’t be fooled by the fool,he will give nothing but false hope and leave every one hanging like he did his employees,Rip Rob.B..

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