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Antioch Management and Unions Offer Candidate Endorsement in School Board Race

by ECT

The following was submitted by the Antioch Education Association

Antioch Unified’s two unions, Antioch Education Association, and the California School Employees Association, along with the Antioch Management Association, are pleased to announce their endorsement of Ms. Mary Rocha and Ms. Candida Gonzalez-Amigo, for the Antioch Unified School District’s Board of Education.

These two candidates were selected following an extensive interview process.  Two important factors leading to three units’ endorsements includes their support for the current AUSD leadership and most importantly, the current Superintendent of AUSD, Stephanie Anello. Having worked with Ms. Anello in her capacity for the past two and a half years, employees appreciate her transparent and courageous leadership. They understand the value of a competent leader especially during difficult times.

Both Mary and Candida wholeheartedly support the Superintendent and shared personal stories of how she has affected the community and district as a strong, caring leader. They are also staunch supporters of AUSD and have a positive view of the Administration, Teachers, and staff members who each day dedicate themselves to helping students achieve.

The second most important factor leading to these endorsements, was the assurance from both Mary and Candida that they are unwilling to accept monetary contributions from Charter schools.  Unfortunately, AUSD’s current Board of Education foolishly approved three charter schools. Mary and Candida recognize the huge financial impact of those decisions and their effect on successful programs that will likely be eliminated and the drastic layoffs that will occur as a result.

In light of the difficult challenges ahead, AUSD’s teachers, classified staff and administrators are confident that Mary Rocha and Candida Gonzalez-Amigo will be supporters of our children and schools.  We urge you to vote this year.


Robert Strickler
President, Antioch Education Association

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Su Oct 5, 2018 - 7:59 pm

I can’t vote for anyone who sees school choice and Charter Schools as a problem. Go back in time and look at text books and readers from the beginning of the 20th century and you will see how far our public schools have descended into mediocrity.

Kenneth Gardner Oct 6, 2018 - 5:56 am

Having been a long time student, educator and administrator of the California public school system, I remind you that the “descent” you lament coincides with the waning of parental and community support for the public school system. If you wish to use history as a barometer of the schools you must also use it for our society and the issues that the community faces.

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