Antioch: Man Injured After vehicle Strikes Tree on Hillcrest Avenue


On March 22 at around 4:30 am, Contra Costa County firefighters responded to a report of a vehicle crash with rescue after a vehicle struck a tree on Hillcrest Ave.

Firefighters worked to free a man for 45-minutes in a complex rescue after the male was awake and alert, but could not free his leg. Firefighters freed then man who was transported by AMR to a local hospital.

Antioch Police were on scene to provide traffic control and block the westbound direction of Hillcrest Avenue at Via Dora. The crash is currently under investigation.


  1. What IS IT with people here running their cars into trees along Lone Tree Way and Hillcrest and getting smashed to smitherines? Maybe we need better-made cars with some STEEL in them. My uncle’s ’77 Mercury Cougar, when hit by some tin-can import, did not sustain one scratch while the other car was totaled! We need some MUSCLE cars back!

    How about slowing down the speed on some of these major streets? You’re not driving on a freeway! Some people simply should not be licensed to drive at all.

  2. There is hardly any traffic on Hillcrest at $:30 am. What was this guy trying to do? See how fast he could go? So, what happened to the leg he couldn’t get out? Was it cut off?

    • No, it took then 45 to completely free him. He’s intact at the end of the video you can see him getting on the stracher

  3. From the extensive damage to that vehicle, he must have been going at top speed! Is the tree OK?

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