Antioch Man Indicted for Possession of Multiple Firearms & Machine Gun; Creating Untraceable Firearms

Press Release

Photo provided by Antioch Police

Martinez, Calif. Earlier this week a grand jury indictment was unsealed with multiple criminal counts against defendant Terry Ferguson, a 34-year-old resident of Antioch.

The allegations include possession of a controlled substance with a firearm, possession of a machine gun, and possession of heroin. He also had multiple firearms in his possession. Ferguson allegedly used equipment to create untraceable firearms and converting a firearm into a machine gun.

Ferguson was initially charged in a criminal complaint on March 27, 2019. The indictment included multiple charges for his alleged possession of firearms and ammunition as a previously convicted felon. In 2008 and 2014 he was convicted of felonies related to the possession of a controlled substance, child abuse and evading a peace officer while driving in a reckless manner.

In March 2019, the Antioch Police Department served a search warrant at Ferguson’s residence. Officers at the scene found multiple firearms and ammunition in the defendant’s possession. The firearms recovered were a SKS rifle, two AR-15 rifles, a handgun with a selector switch, and a Ruger Mark IV .22 caliber pistol.

This week, Ferguson appeared for an arraignment in Department 3 of the Contra Costa County Superior Court before the Honorable Patricia Scanlon. Ferguson pleaded not guilty to the charges alleged in the indictment.

Deputy District Attorney Jeffery Kolko is the prosecutor assigned to the case on behalf of the People. DDA Holmes is with our Community Violence Reduction Unit.  

Case information: People v. Terry Domino Ferguson, Docket Number 05-191614-7


  1. Not that it matters, but that looks less like an SKS (Hmmm, are we using buzz words because of recent shootings?) and more like an AK platform. Ant those are AR pistols. That’s a lot of 80%ers! This individual doesn’t sound too intelligent especially with having priors.

    • Looks like an AK variant to me and I agree on the ‘not too bright’.
      Heroin and firearms are a bad mix imho.

    • He’s actually really smart.. he had a great education and a hard childhood. I’m sad for him.

      Intelligence bs poor choices don’t always equate to not being smart.

  2. 1- I agree with childhood friend. Being smart and making a good or bad choice are two totally different things.
    2- I wonder how many of these charges will actually hold up in court.
    3- I wonder how many of these charges would actually be charges in any other state besides Cali and NY.

  3. Let’s see: Illegally making untraceable firearms, heroin possession, child abuse, evading police, convicted felon in possession of firearms. A lot of people have had “hard childhoods” without doing these things. These are CHOICES he made. I can’t feel any sympathy for him.

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