Antioch: Man Electrocuted at Fairgrounds RV Park Airlifted to Local Hospital


Just after 7:00 am Sunday, Contra Costa County firefighters were dispatched to a report of a loud explosion in the area of W. 10th Street in the City of Antioch.

It was reported while units were responded that a subject was possibly electrocuted at the RV Park on the Contra Costa County Event Park grounds.  By 7:22 am, Engine 81 requested a medical helicopter and an additional engine to the scene.

It was reported that the male was conscious and alert at the time of transport.

No other information was available.




  1. As a building services technician I see all manner of bootlegged electrical connections, some result in fires and every once in a while somebody tries to fry them self. I suggest you all leave wiring to people who know what they are doing. This goes for you “gardening” enthusiasts as well.

  2. If he was electrocuted he would be dead. He must have been a “patient” looking at buying one of those new “homes” in oakley

    • Electrocution does not necessarily mean death Pattyo.

      Electrocution is death or injury by electric shock, electric current passing through the body. The word is derived from “electro” and “execution”, but it is also used for accidental death.

      Glad to educate.

  3. Seems you all Have opinions before you know the truth. His antenna on his RV clipped the top LiveWire at the RV park, was standing on top of his RV at the time and was blown off the RV. Looks like he’s going to lose both hands and feet from the current that ran through him. It was just one of those accidents that could’ve been avoided had he been paying attention. At least he still alive. It would be nice to see people feeling a little empathy for the gentleman.

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