Antioch: Firefighters Recover Firearm During a Domestic Dispute


Just before 3:30 pm Monday, the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District responded to a report of a domestic in the area of W. 12th Street at E Street.

Upon arrival, firefighters located a vehicle in the roadway and upon further investigation, located a firearm in the front seat. They took control of the firearm and at that time the victim of the domestic returned and tried to retake control of the firearm.

Antioch Police responded to the incident.

According to firefighters, a female sustained minor injuries. No other information was released on scene.


  1. At least someone is doing police work. Maybe we can ask the firefighters to start enforcing the rest of the laws being broken, someone’s gotta do it.

    • Next time you are in trouble…call the fire department. Let us know how that works out for you.

  2. Local politicians would put a stop to that also. Letting people run wild is not going to make up for any past wrongs, just create more!

  3. Amen Harry. I listen to the Fire/EMS dispatch every day all day and the police don’t do a thing. FD had to call police to this call. Heard suspect screaming through radio when fire was talking to dispatch about this call and I asked myself why the police weren’t there? Finally came though. Another thing is the FD has to go to illegal burns and waste their time. The police for some reason don’t want to waste there time on this. Thank you firefighters and paramedics for all the things you do for us during this bad time. Police THANKS FOR NOTHING!!!!!!!

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