Antioch: Firefighters Make Quick Work of Homeless Fire off Marie Ave


At 4:39 am Sunday, Contra Costa County firefighters responded to a report of a vegetation fire at Wilbur and Marie in the City of Antioch after several callers reported smoke and flames.

Engine 81 arrived on scene to brush and trees along with a mattress on fire at a known homeless encampment. The fire was estimated at a 1/4 acre of vegetation that was quickly knocked down and was not threatening homes.

According to firefighters, this spot that caught fire was where a homeless person sleeps.


  1. GET RID OF ALL “HOMELESS” ENCAMPMENTS IN ANTIOCH! ALL OF THEM! NOW! Before they burn our city down!

    • When and who coined the term “homeless?” Weren’t they referred to as BUMS and VAGRANTS?

      • Liberal bleeding hearts were the ones who came up with the term “homeless.” I call it what it is.

  2. This is the 2nd fire started by Homeless in Antioch in less then 24hrs. What has happened to the measure W funds??? These Homeless folks are dangerous & tax paying citizens are FED UP. Get it together Antioch stop ignoring this problem.

    • This has gone too far! Forget the police! Obviously, the city fathers are ignoring this very serious and VERY DANGEROUS problem! We can no longer rely on our so-called “law enforcement” to handle this properly. We, the residents and tax-payers have to step up and take this matter into our own hands.

      The APD law enforcement cannot even handle the idiots who set off fireworks. With 203 complaints on just July 4th! They only cited 6? They should have had 203 arrests! People were calling in with addresses where these scumbags were setting them off, for Christ’s sake! And, even more were set off days AFTER Independence Day! What’s up with that?

      For starters, we should INSIST that the city enact an ANTI-VAGRANCY law right away. All encampments must be disbanded wherever they are found. By the river, along the RR tracks .. OUT!

      I sure haven’t seen any encampments in Danville or Orinda or Moraga or Sunnyvale! Why here?

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