Antioch: Firefighters Limit Suspicious Fire to 1-Acre


Early Saturday morning, Contra Costa County firefighters were dispatched to a report of a vegetation fire off of Banbury Way And Carpinteria Drive in the City of Antioch.

The fire came in around 2:00 am with a report of two people who were reportedly seen running from the area. A description of the two individuals could not be provided.

According to firefighters, there is a history of fires in the same spot and all previous have been presumed arson.

Firefighters limited the vegetation fire to around an 1-acre and the fire is under investigation.


  1. If fires have been set in that area repeatedly, then special attention should be given to see who is loitering and setting them. It’s pure luck that someone noticed it at 2 am … or who only knows what that fire would have consumed. If someone saw two people running from it, then they should have been photographed.

    • Whoever saw 2 people running away from the fire, should have followed them to see if they get into a car — and if so ….. get the plate numbers and descriptions.

      It’s obvious that we have arsonists here to deal with. Most o these fires seems to be set after midnight. There also seems to be enough tall dry vegetation for the fire to catch onto. Who’s responsible for mowing down that vegetation?

  2. That area has a lot of dry vegetation which needs to be removed by whoever owns that property. Also, houses at the edge of that property should have floodlights installed on their roofs pointing to the empty area with security cameras to expose whoever is loitering there. It seems that arsonists are active there.

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