Antioch: Firefighters Battle Vegetation Fire on James Donlon Blvd.

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At 6:11 pm Sunday, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District firefighters responded to a report of a vegetation fire at James Donlon Blvd. and Somersville in the City of Antioch.

Upon arrival, Truck 83 reported there was a 1/4 acre of vegetation on fire and requested two additional units.

By 6:47, the fire was out and units were breaking down incident command.


  1. I know the area. Who started this fire? Fires do not start by themselves at 6:11 PM on a day with no wind!

  2. I saw this fire right after it started: it was only a few feet long when I called it in. My belief is that someone threw a cigarette out their window cause I didn’t see anyone walking away or Anything.

    • I think every place where we have native, dry vegetation should have a security camera mounted in such an area where you can see cars and people moving close to it. If a person did toss a cigarette into the dry brush, they should be caught and punished severely. This is unacceptable. Cars have ashtrays for that.

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