Antioch: Firefighters Battle Downtown Homeless Fire


At 9:15 am Saturday, the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District and Antioch Police responded to a report of a fire in the 200 block of Fulton Shipyard in Downtown Antioch.

Upon arrival, firefighters located an outside fire near the Red Caboose on McElheny Road. The fire did not threaten any structures and no injuries were reported.

No other information was available.


  1. Firefighters out here riskin’ their lives cuz some sumbich couldn’t stomp out their fuggin cigarette butt.
    From now on, I’m not giving any transient a lite for their smoke. One ruins it for the mass.
    I’mma try and campaign for the homeless to start doin’ the ol’ chewin’ tobacco.
    Safer for all of us.✌️

  2. They’re starting with the fires early this year! Wait until we hit the much warmer and drier summer months!

  3. The solution is obvious….. ashtrays and propane grills for the homeless….. nah! Just stop giving them money for booze & drugs and they might just go away.

    • Naaa! Give them 190 proof booze and the right kind of drugs and that will take care of the problem providing they ingest both simultaneously.

  4. How many fires have the homeless pukes started in the last year. LOTS!! They don’t seem to take any precautions. And when the fire starts they run. Have you heard of any of them being arrested? I haven’t. And look to the past for a couple of their more spectacular fires, Rodgers Point mansion and the Town House Hotel. This has to stop!

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