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Antioch Crowded With Potential Candidates

by ECT

I received an email this morning from Christina Garcia, Acting Deputy City Clerk, where I was provided with the most recent City of Antioch candidates list.  It appears things have become pretty crowded for the mayor’s and council race.

With four candidates in the mayors race, a lot could happen. I foresee a situation playing out where Wade Harper and Donald Freitas split a lot of votes allowing Gary Agopian to slip right into the Mayors spot.

In the council race, Mary Helen Rocha finally pulled papers while Frank Fauxiong Wang became the sixth candidate in the field.  Personally, I do not foresee Mary Rocha losing her seat, which means you have 5 candidates vying for 1-seat with the James Davis in the race.


  • Gary Agopian
  • Donald P. Freitas
  • Wade Harper
  • Michael Anthony Leon

City Council (2)

  • James Davis
  • Noel Pinto
  • Mary Helen Rocha (I)
  • Walter Ruehlig
  • Monica Wilson
  • Frank Fauxiong Wang

City Clerk

  • Rosa Argentina Davila-Leuvano
  • Arne Simonsen

City Treasure

  • Donna Conley

While this is the current list, check back after the 10th when we see who will actually file their paperwork to become an official candidate. Currently, only Walter Ruehlig is an “official” candidate.

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JimSimmons42 Aug 6, 2012 - 10:05 am

So much for change in Antioch that the people claim they want. No one is putting their money where their mouth is. Looking at this list, I highly doubt anyone new takes office for the mayor or council seat as this will be a reshuffling of the deck.