Antioch City Manager Report: Code Enforcement Opens 7 New Cases, Closes 5


Steve Duran

Antioch City Manager Steve Duran is reporting in his weekly report that Antioch Code Enforcement opened 7 cases last week while closing 5 while included 45-inspections. Meanwhile,  Antioch Police had 1,572 calls for service last week.

When reviewing the last four City Manager Reports, Code Enforcement in the month of March opened a total of 45 new cases while closing 37 cases. Meanwhile, Public Works has 346 Safe Working Days without a lost time accident. This breaks the old record of 344 days for the City.

We pulled information out of the 10-page City Manager Report and condensed it to information we felt was most important to our readers. A link to the full report is below:

Code Enforcement:

In front of City Hall, Code Enforcement observed a male with a large baggy of marijuana. APD responded and attempted contact with subject who fled from them on foot. A perimeter was set up and a yard to yard search was conducted. Subject located hiding in a residence and taken into custody on a warrant and possession of marijuana.

504-506 West 5thStreet –there was a duplex fire on Friday, March 21st. On 3-26-14, CEO Souza received a call from property owner stating the tenant in #506 and her five children are refusing to leave and there is no a PGE service or hot water due to the electrical fire. Red Cross contacted and family in #506 set up in a local hotel.  Tenants in #504 re-located. Duplex red-tagged as sub-standard until fire repairs are made.

This week:

  • 7 New Cases Open
  • 5 Cases Closed
  • 43 Inspections
  • Citations Issued
  • Demand to Title Company for cost recovery
  • Demand to property owner for cost recovery
  • Special Assessment Liens recorded for cost recovery
  • 46 Phone Messages on complaint line (779 7042)

Antioch Police Department Updates:

Weekly Calls for Service, Case Reports and Arrest data
Time Period: 03/20/14 00:00:00 – 03/26/14 23:59:59

  • Number of Calls for  Service: 1,572
  • Number of Case Reports: 271
  • Number of Arrests: 56
  • Felony: 19
  • Misdemeanor: 37
  • Arrests with DUI charge: 5

Environmental Resources:

Environmental Enforcement – We currently have two shopping centers that are working on correcting inadequate service levels for garbage and recycling violations. We are hopeful that the changes made this week will result a correction and will be monitoring the two sites for a few weeks prior to closing the cases.


As of today, Public Works has 346 Safe Working Days without a lost time accident. This breaks the old record of 344 days. This achievement directly benefits the General Fund budget by reducing workers comp claim costs and insurance premium costs. Please congratulate a Public Works employee when you next see them serving our community.

Community Development Updates


  • Approved the building permit plans for the model complex and master building permit for homes at the 81 unit KB Almondridge project.
  • Telephone/Email/counter inquiries: 42

Building Activity:

  • Number of permits issued…….. 29
  • Number of inspections……….. 106

For the full report:


  1. I wish Mr Duran would go look at the grand opening of the latest Cig/.sex shop in Antioch. It is huge. On Somersville across from the tanning shop. Bad people are mingling and smoking. Bad hand out place.

  2. 5 kids in a burned out house with no utilities, and our overlords worry about me driving without a seatbelt.

    • How about you keep that belt on & you save the tax payers polices time.

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