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Antioch City Council to Look at “Restraint” Policy for Police Holds

by ECT

On Tuesday, the Antioch City Council could seek to provide direction to develop a policy banning restraints, holds, tactics and maneuvers that pose risk of positional asphyxiation.

According to the agenda, its being recommended adopt the resolution directing the city manager and city attorney to work with the Chair of the Police Oversight Standing Committee and the Antioch Police Department to develop a policy that protects members of the public involving in law enforcement incidents by identifying and prohibit the use of police officer restraints, holds, tactic and maneuvers that pose substantial risk of positional asphyxiation, potentially resulting in unconsciousness or death.

The item comes before the council at the request of Mayor Lamar Thorpe so that a policy may be development aimed at protecting members of the public against positional asphyxia.

The staff report shares that positional asphyxia occurs when a person’s body position prevents the person from breathing adequately. A person can be prevented from breathing adequately when excessive pressure is placed on the persons, neck, shoulder, back, or stomach. In order to ensure safety and minimize the risk of positional asphyxia, the policy should identify, evaluate, and prohibit holds, tactics, maneuvers and restraints that pose a substantial risk of causing positional asphyxia.

The State of California has prohibited the use of the carotid restraint hold after Assemblyman Mike Gipson introduced Assembly Bill 1196. The bill passed by the State Assembly on Aug 30, 2020 in a 33-1 vote and in the State Assembly in a 67-0 vote on Aug. 31, 2020.  The bill was signed into law on Sept. 30, 2020 by Governor Gavin Newsom.

Meanwhile, Assembly Bill 490 was introduced in February of 2021 which would prohibit a law enforcement agency from authorizing techniques or transport methods that involve a substantial risk of positional asphxia.  The bill passed through the State Assembly in June in a 55-15 vote and is currently in the State Senate.

Antioch Police Officers Association Representative Steve Aiello said the department does not teach officers knee to neck, advocate it and condone it.

Antioch City Council Agenda – click here

Note – in the photo, two Antioch Police Officers work to detain a suspect carrying a firearm.

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SMO36 Aug 25, 2021 - 12:13 am

It’s simple! No one would go through all this if they didn’t commit crimes!

Ex-Antioch Resident and Patriot Aug 25, 2021 - 4:30 pm

How is it that Lamar can grandstand on all this reform and rhetoric getting media coverage, but yet not one lick or article is printed or covered about how corrupt and dirty he and his other half Tamisha on the council. They have no business trying to write a policy on this topic when neither have any background in the area. Antioch Officers are going to completely dis-engage and why enforce anything when you will be second guessed on everything. That was an amazing department with some amazing staff that work their asses off daily doing more with less, but is quickly heading down the road of imploding. The exodus has begun and once used to be a go to department for laterals is quickly being “black balled” and a scary place to apply. Lamar and Ramisha with their sad follower Monica should all be held to the same rules everyone else is held to. Lead by example!! The DA and her crew are jokes and should be following up on all the corruption in City Hall these days. Back the blue as other cities and states are swing back to the norm and realizing their mistakes starting the campaign of “Refund the Blue” after seeing their plans fail!!!

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