Antioch City Council Set to Appoint 7 to Sales Tax Citizens Oversight Committee



The Antioch City Council will vote to appoint seven people to the new Sales Tax Citizens Oversight Committee during the upcoming City Council meeting on Tuesday.

A total of 21-people applied with interviews that occurred on February 20th, 26th and 27th by Mayor Wade Harper, Councilmember Gary Agopian, with the Finance Director in attendance.

Nominated Applicants include:

  • Hansel Ho – 4 years
  • Barbara Herendeen – 4 years
  • Melvin Chappel – 4 years
  • Catherine Walker – 4 years
  • Ralph Garrow – 2 years
  • Joseph Adebayo – 2 years
  • Salvatore Sbranti – 2 years

Applicants not selected include:

  • Vince Agusta
  • Eileen Batthany
  • Mary Engleton
  • Keith Farr
  • Martin Fernandez
  • Dave Larson
  • Marie Livingston
  • Bonnie Mason
  • Lori Ogorchock
  • David Redford
  • Cynthia Ruehlig
  • Carol Stalker
  • Joshua Young

According to the January 30 City Council meeting, the applications were due January 16 and only Antioch residents were eligible. The committee is set at 7-members which four-members will serve a four-year term with three-members serving a two-year term.

Measure C Sales Tax funds are expected to generate an additional $4.7 million per year in sales tax revenue–legally, it can be spent anywhere within the city budget, but the council has vowed it will be spent where promised during the campaign—police and code enforcement services.

The Sales Tax is expected to go into effect on April 1, however, funds will not come into the city until August or September.

The makeup of the committee will be the following:

  • Staggered Terms: 4-members to be appointed to four-year terms with 3-members to two year terms. No automatic term limit.
  • Service on Multiple Boards: May members of Sales Tax Committee be allowed to serve on other City Boards, Commissions, or Committees: No disqualifications
  • Qualifications: 1-member should have financial/auditing background
  • Roll: Year 1 will meet 3-times, subsequent years to meet 2-times (minimal)
  • Staff Liaison: Finance Director is the staff liaison

The committee will likely remain in effect for a period of 8-years due to the funds being collected in the rear of the year.

For resumes and applicants backgrounds, you can view the staff report 3/25


  1. It will be very interesting how favoritism, nepotism, and kick backs are exemplified in this dog and pony show.

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