Antioch City Council Member Tony Tiscareno Files for Re-Election


ANTIOCH – Antioch City Council Member Tony Tiscareno has filed to run for re-election in the November 6th general election.

“When I ran for election four years ago, I promised to work hard to improve crime prevention efforts, revitalize city services and make Antioch fiscally sound,” said Tiscareno.  “I have made a positive impact in these and other areas that I care deeply about.”

In the last four years, Antioch has hired more than 50 new politics officers, the city ended employee furloughs and City Hall is open full time.  Staff has been hired to improve city services, including code enforcement.  And, funding was found to provide more youth and senior activities.

“My focus in the next two years is to expand Antioch’s economic growth and attract new businesses and jobs, continue to support our public safety services and hire more police officers, continue to reduce crime, and responsibly manage our budget,” said Tiscareno.

Tiscareno and his wife have lived in Antioch for almost 50 years.  He is a local realtor.


  1. No period. He only represents “his people” and that is wrong. His own words and that is wrong. He should represent all people at least until we see if he is around for districting.

    • He never looks like he’s paying attention in the City Council meetings; always looks distracted. Antioch is destined for doom. I already pay boatloads of taxes. Is there no one with a head for business in Antioch?

  2. I notice that just about every politician in Constra Costa County and elsewhere in California is kowtowing to the Seeno criminal establishment. What’s up with that?

  3. I think Tony is exactly what Antioch needs, he supports quality construction projects that will pay a living wage and benefits so our citizens can actually earn enough to live in this city. I also think we pay enough taxes but understand that Antioch will never get back to where it use to be without spending some money. I can respect Tony for voting for a unpopular proposal that is necessary to continue funding the expansion of police and city services that will make our city a safer place to live. Good luck Tony!

  4. I wish Seeno houses were quality construction. Instead, he sells crappy upgrades he never delivers. All your stucco, sheetrock and floors will crack soon after occupancy. The warranty is a joke. Buy Meritage or another builder.

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