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Antioch City Council Candidate Still on Campaign Trail While Recovering From Surgery

by ECT

If Antioch voters have not seen City Council Karl Dietzel on the campaign trail the last few weeks, there is good reason. He is recovering from shoulder surgery. Today, he issued a statement saying he was still in the race and is committed to earning a city council seat.

Dietzel fell after a CCTV candidate roundtable which injured his shoulder–even taking down fellow candidate Lamar Thorpe after trying to grab onto him for support. He has since had surgery and is recovering at home.

To my friends, followers, readers.

On September 28, I fell after a CCTV candidate round table recording in the studio, resulting in a shoulder fracture. After consulting several orthopedic surgeons, I ended up in John Muir hospital, Walnut Creek, having reconstructive surgery.

I am now 1 week post surgery. Because of that accident , I missed important round tables, and other meetings with my community. Pain and immobility prevented me of being active during this important election time.

I want to let you know, I am still in the race, even more so right now. We’re are only a bit over 3 weeks out of the November election.

Please make wise choices, do we the people get back control of our city. I also would like to thank the many well wishers , got calls, emails , even visitors in the hospital.

Let’s take back Antioch, Vote for me .


Karl Dietzel
Candidate for Antioch City Council

Dietzel said during a phone call Tuesday that he is feeling better but still is in pain. His main focus is on recovery and trying to reach voters again once he can have more mobility.

He also admitted when he was injured, his first thought was that thought his campaign was over. But he is not giving up.

“What was going through my head, I thought everything was over because I could not participate in the campaign, cannot be in physical contact with voters. Which is still the case,” explained Dietzel. “It’s a disaster but I am still pushing forward as best I can. I am out right now, but this shoulder injury is only temporary. It’s going to heal up and I will be good.”

Dietzel says he has received support from the community and fellow candidates which he appreciates and wanted to thank everyone.

“I may be injured, but the issues are still the same. The crime and blight needs to be fixed. Where is the money from Measure C and Measure O and are we holding people accountable,” says Dietzel.

He says the community should make smart choices and vote out all incumbents.

“The voters have to be aware so we can take charge and take back our city. We have to be aware of the issues and make the right choice not to vote back into office the same people over and over,” explained Dietzel. “It’s about our city and the voters must make wise choices. I encourage everyone not to vote for any incumbents period. We have to get new people in there. We have to get the city manager put on notice and put out a feasible plan in a set amount of time. If he can’t fulfill that, he must be replaced at all cost. It’s not about the city manager either, its about what is best for our city.”

This fall, Antioch voters will selected up to two candidates they wish to vote for to serve on the City Council. Candidates include incumbents Mary Rocha and Monica Wilson, along with council hopefuls Dietzel, Fred Rouse, Lamar Thorpe and Ken Turnage II,

For more information on Karl Dietzel, visit him on Facebook.

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