1. Extremely weak design. ANTI- is highlighted, a negative preposition. What a failure by our city in hiring this contractor. This could’ve easily been done as a contest from local art students from high schools and LMC.

  2. Is this City Council blind? Stupid? Or ignorant? Do they not see ANTI OPPORTUNITY stands out? No color combo or sales job will change that? This campaign is effectively ruined and just through $500k down the drain.

    Economic Development Director should be fired. This firm should be fired, after all, these are the same guys that had in their proposal gourmet ghetto of cannabis cuisine. In 2020, the city residents should fire all 5 council members when they move to Districts. I have had enough of these tone def and moronic decisions making Antioch look bad.

  3. This logo is fucking ridiculous. There is absolutly zero opportunity here in antioch. Well i take that back theres the opportunity to become a homeless meth addict begging for change on the Ast/ lonetree off ramp. Your city council members are dillusional. Good luck polishing this turd of a town. This town is garbage and always has been. Leave while you still can.

    • The topic of discussion should be on the design, not your personal failures. If you can’t find opportunity in this town, then you yourself are the problem. Life is hard as it is, but even more difficult when limit and victimize yourself, then go and blame others for your problems. You sound extremely immature, pathetic, and you’re the “delusional” one. Go exercise, practice mindfulness, eat healthy, and then express yourself accordingly.

  4. I am stunned. This is awful. This company has no vision at all and we continue to dump money down a rat hole
    What is wrong with this council?.

  5. I am with Lori. I have always liked the current logo with the water and sailboat. Boating is the one opportunity there is in Antioch. You can park them at your houses and drive a short distance. How lane when there are zero opportunities to work and/or open a business in Antioch. If, do tell.

  6. I can’t bloody BELIEVE the City paid this firm $500K to come up with these horrid logos? What were they thinking? I bet it took whoever came up them months and months of contemplation. A five year old could have been more creative!

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