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Antioch Candidate Talks Trash

by ECT

I wanted to bring attention to Antioch City Council Candidate Monica Wilson who recently launched her campaign website which includes a blog. Her latest entry discusses the Labor Day Clean Up in Antioch while it promotes community pride.

While Ms. Wilson does not have the name recognition as Mary Rocha or Jim Davis in the council race, she is very solid and is making some progress in reaching out to potential voters as I see hear her name popping up more often in conversations.

Picture courtesy of Beverley Knight, features AD-11 Candidate Jim Frazier and Antioch Mayoral Candidate Gary Agopian from this past Saturdays clean up.

Here is a portion of her post.

This past Saturday I participated in the monthly neighborhood clean up sponsored by the Antioch Police Department.  The first Saturday of each month this group moves to different neighborhoods throughout the city of Antioch. Over the past year I have come to really enjoy these Saturday. The best thing about participating in the monthly clean up is getting to know the different people that come out each month.   We chat with each other about events that have happened since the last clean up, vacations, weddings, and work among other things. Our discussion also are about the different houses in each neighborhood, landscaping (or lack of) and reminiscing about our childhood homes.

This Labor Day weekend we covered areas around City Park located at the corner of A and 10th Streets. It was great to see people in the community come out as well as some of our community leaders:  Jim Frazier, candidate for Assembly District 11; Mary Rocha and Gary Agopian, Antioch City Council members; Martha Parsons, former Antioch City Council woman; Diane Gibson-Gray and Joy Motts, Antioch School Board Members; Alan Cantando, Antioch Chief of Police and Bill Cook, Crime Prevention Commissioner. There were approximately 40 + people in attendance to help clean around the park and neighboring streets.

Full Blog can be seen here http://mwilson4antiochcouncil.com/blog/?p=22

You can find out more about Monica Wilson by visiting her campaign website

You can find out more about Jim Frazier by visiting his campaign website

You can find out more about Gary Agopian by visiting his campaign website

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0 comment

JimSimmons42 Sep 5, 2012 - 7:22 am

I didn’t know about her a month ago and now the more I hear about her I like. She may be just the change Antioch needs. The only question is does she have enough bite to take out Rocha or Davis? I doubt it.

Lori Cook Sep 5, 2012 - 10:52 pm

Lets give her a chance. She is out making a difference in the community, always attending the City Council meeting and shows up for the city cleanups that are held the first Saturday of every month. This is the type of person we need for leadership.

Julio-Antioch Sep 6, 2012 - 11:47 am

She has never said one word to council about anything and isn’t always there. If that is your criteria for new council member I can think of hundreds of people that should run for council. Not that there are hundreds of people attending council meetings because there aren’t but many many don’t miss a meeting on cable.

James Sep 24, 2012 - 8:39 pm

Then why don’t you run then Julio? It is easy to sit back and complain and gripe when you don’t even have the guts to change it. How about instead of doing nothing, you do just half of what Monica does. How many times have you tried to clean up the streets out here or why don’t you say something “to council.” Since you have so much to offer the city, stand up and why don’t you change the direction of this place. If there is something this city needs it is someone like Monica, while maybe not as well known, more than makes up for it with heart, great ideas that these stale council members we have now refuse to think of and a desire to make Antioch a better place for everyone…even for people that do nothing but let others roger up and do the work and make this a better place, while you sit on the sidelines and do nothing besides bore us with your negative garbage.