Antioch Barber Ran Over into Building After Woman Upset with Sons Haircut


At 3:47 pm Wednesday, a barber sustained a major leg injury after a female reportedly attempted to run him over after she didn’t like her sons haircut.


UPDATE — for updated info, click here.


The incident occurred on E 18th Street at A Street in the City of Antioch where initial reports are a female was upset over her sons haircut and was outside the barber shop causing a scene.

The barber went outside to get her license plate number when the female allegedly attempted to run him over.

The impact from being struck by the vehicle knocked the barber through a set of glass doors and into a vacant storefront.

He sustained what was believed to be a fractured leg and other injuries.

Antioch Police have released no additional information on the incident but it is believed the female was upset her son had a small cut from the haircut.  It is unclear if Antioch Police had anyone in custody after the incident.

Note – this is preliminary information based on witness statements. Information could change once police investigate what occurred.


  1. Well I am sure it wasn’t a white women!!! I am sure that the barber cut his head on purpose too!!! He said no more blacks in my shop. Maybe you should take your kid to the “HairCut Place” in Oakley where all your kind goes!!

  2. I had been going to this barber shop for 20 years until moving to Placerville. Brian, the owner, formed a positive relationship with customers. I hope that short tempered mother gets found by police and is prosecuted and gets mental help like anger management. If you are able to read this Brian, my prayers I hope you will recover well.

    ~Dean Robertson

    • She should go through anger management, Dale? Are you joking? She used her car to run him over! That’s attempted murder! Get real!

  3. I have been going to Brian and Anthony for over 15 years now. Someone getting pissed off at Brian is a joke. He is the most patient and understanding gentleman I’ve ever met. Speedy recovery to Brian

  4. I have never had a bad haircut from there, but I have gotten bit by the straight razor lol. It happens. Also, if you didn’t like the haircut they would have fixed it to your liking.

  5. Entitlements section 8 jokers who have no respect for anyone. Poor Antioch, it used to be a nice place to go to with the waterfront and shopping center. No more because of POS people like this scum bag lady. Hope Brian gets well soon and sues this trash lady.

  6. The police went to her house. Some guy told them to leave the property. Why in hell didn’t they bring a warrant with them????? I bet she was hiding there. Apparently, she dropped her kids at grandma’s.

  7. Man this Kate person seems to “know” everything!!! Maybe she needs to be investigated

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