Antioch: 2-Year-Old Wanders Mile From Home, Reunited With Family



At roughly 12:15 pm Saturday, Antioch Police responded to reports of a small child wandering by herself along Gentrytown Drive in Antioch near Putnam.

According to radio traffic, good Samaritans found the child along the road and took her into their care and immediately called police. They comforted her while providing her with water.

As police were responding, a second call came in from the family of the missing child stating the child got out of the house while a 16-year-old babysitter was watching the child.

The child had wandered a little over a mile from the family home before police took the child into custody and returned the child home. The child had been missing for about 30-to-40 minutes.

No further details were provided on scene.

We intentionally are not providing the street address of the home where the child resides.


  1. Wow, you might want to be a little more intense when selecting somebody to care for your child!

  2. I was recently on a jury for a trial involving a 2 yr. old wandering less than a 1/4 of a mile away and was gone for 20-30 minutes and they raked the family OVER the coals!!!!! It was awful the way they treated the father-thank God it was a hung jury but an ENTIRE MILE?!?!? 30-40 minutes?!?! HELL NO! I guess they can blame it on the babysitter…. Accidents happen and I felt sorry for the family that was on trial but this is over the top!

  3. Wth? Hopefully they don’t put this kid in the system cuz of this. How the hell does this happen tho? Jesus! Just glad the little one made it back with the parents safely and everything worked out..

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