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Antioch: 2-Alarm Vegetation Fire Breaks Out off Via Dora Dr

by ECT

At approximently 1:50 pm Wednesday, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District responded to a report of a hillside fire at Via Dora Drive and San Elijo Ct. in the City of Antioch.

While responding, a large column of smoke was observed and a 2nd alarm response was requested for structure protection.

Engine 88 arrived on scene to a large grass fire running up the hill.  Impacted areas include Carpinteria Dr, Palomar Drive, San Gregoria.

As of 2:00 pm, the fire was estimated at 3-acres threatening several homes and was catching fences on fire.

As of 2:09 pm, multiple callers on Palomar Drive reported their backyards were on fire.

As of 2:11 pm, a residential structure fire response was requested to San Onofre Ct for a house that was going to catch fire.

As of 2:18 pm, structure response was cancelled to San Onofre Ct as crews got the fire under control and crews were also able to cut off the head off the fire.

By 3:40 pm, crews were beginning to be released from the scene after extnesive mop up. Fire burned a total of three acres.

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