Antioch: 16-Year-Old on Pocket Bike Sustains Major Injuries in Vehicle Crash

Photo by Art Ray Bay News Video

At 8:12 pm Friday, Contra Costa County Firefighters responded to a report of a vehicle versus pedestrian on Hillcrest Avenue near Wildflower Drive in the City of Antioch.

Photo by Art Ray
Bay News Video

Upon arrival, Engine 88 reported that the crash involved two vehicles and two pocket bikes.

According to firefighters, a 16-year-old sustained major injuries and was transported to a local hospital.

It was reported that the two pocket bikes caused a two car collision as the vehicles attempted to avoid striking the drivers on the pocket bikes as neither occupant was wearing a helmet or lights at night time.

No further information was released on the crash and Antioch Police is investigating.


  1. Not only were they breaking multiple vehicle code and safety laws, these two don’t know how to operate a motor vehicle in traffic thus creating a hazard for everybody. I see people all over Pittsburg, Antioch and Concord driving unregistered pocket bikes, dirt bikes etc… they don’t follow any rules of the road at all they treat the streets like an open course for what ever they feel like doing. In some cases parents play a big role in allowing their children to do this but in just as many instances the offenders are adults, they should have their bikes impounded and receive big fines as well.
    The no helmet no lights issue is just plain ignorant stupidity.

      • What light? There are no lights on those bikes in the picture. Drive them on private property and you wont have this issue, driving illegally on the public roads and bad things are very likely to happen as you have now learned. You caused a ultiple vehicle accident, hope you learn your lesson and are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

      • Just look at the Photo. The bikes do not even have lights. Nothing worst than a bold face liar.

  2. Everyone got to understand that life isn’t perfect. They just want to ride their pocket bikes like if they were a regular motorcycle. Plus these days there are so many stupid drivers on the road and probably cut them off, so you can’t just accuse someone just because they’re on pocket bikes.put yourself in the situation then you’ll understand

    • @marcus but you are missing the point it is illegal to ride them on city streets genus do you understand that they are at fault no matter who caused the accident because they were breaking the law hello

  3. I usually don’t wish bad on a person but I want to read of the person who thinks it is OK to speed around Antioch in an ATV.

  4. If they dont have lights they dont belong on streets at night period.Helmets is a law they decided on not wearing them pure ignorance..pocket bikes are to be used in parking lots or in certain areas with supervision

  5. Ye ight it’s illegal but it’s illegal to hit somebody and leave them with a bone sticking out their leg 😑. And y’all have to have sympathy for the people who got hurt and the people on pocket bikes talking Crap *KARMA* HITS BACK AT U RLLY HARD 🤦🏼‍♂️

  6. Ray your acting like they ment to hit them…if they would’ve had lights an helmets or even some type of reflective patch or not even been on the streets these comment wouldn’t be here….16 years olds shouldn’t be on them without adult supervision

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