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Antioch: 12-Year-Old Injured on Fence at Deer Valley High School

by ECT

At 4:32 pm Saturday, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District was dispatched to a report of a juvenile who was injured on a fence at Deer Valley High School in the City of Antioch.

Upon arrival, Contra Costa County firefighters located a juvenile who was impaled by wrought iron fence. A second unit was requested stating it they were attempting to free the juvenile. Crews also had to cut the gate at the high school for crews to make access.

A short time later, a third Contra Costa County Fire unit was requested for a medical helicopter as they reported a 12-year-old had full impalement on a wrought iron fence.

As of 5:04 pm, crews were still working to free the juvenile. Antioch Police Department were on scene along with AMR.

By 5:15 pm, the juvenile was extricated and the medical helicopter was on the ground.

By 5:25 pm, the medical helicopter lifted and was headed to Children’s Hospital.

According to Battalion Chief Huntze, it appears the juvenile was attempting to get into the pool area to go swimming as pools are closed due to COVID-19. Upon arrival, Antioch Police located the 12-year-old on the fence with a spike going through his calf.

The 12-year-old was held in place by police, AMR, and firefighters as crews worked to free him by cutting a portion of the fence while he was 10-feet-igh in the air and they were able to use a rope system to get him down.

He was then airlifted to a local hospital. No other information was available.

According to Huntze, the gates were locked and prior to his arrival, the school area was secure.

No other information was readily available.

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Wait Jul 18, 2020 - 5:18 pm

Where did this fence go through his body? Wtf, and how did this happen?

MS Jul 20, 2020 - 8:37 am

Reread the part about
“Police located the 12-year-old on the fence with a spike going through his calf”.

Dana Roach Jul 20, 2020 - 4:57 pm

Yes, when I posted this the article didn’t contain that information. Thanks wanker

Where are the parents? Jul 18, 2020 - 7:23 pm

So this delinquent got what they deserved!! Justice is served!! Hilarious!!!!

A Jul 19, 2020 - 11:44 am

How can you say that!! Is just a kid who made a mistake! I’m sure that you are not a perfect person!

Sebastian Jul 19, 2020 - 10:31 pm

The kid “made a mistake?” Who is raising this kid? Don’t they tell him if something is blocked off it’s like that for a reason? I’d arrest the parent for failure as a parent. When I was twelve (15 years ago) I would not make such “mistakes.” The kid needs to be properly reared!

Steve Walker Jul 20, 2020 - 8:42 am

Nice comment, real civil.
Remember, we’re talking about a kid who was doing something most of us have done at one time or another – sneaking in for a swim somewhere when its hot. Whether its a reservoir, a neighbor’s pool, or this, he is just a kid that wanted to have some fun for a few minutes.
Sure, he was trespassing, but for swimming. No one said he injured as he attempted to carry out laptops from the computer lab, which then, I could see your comment.

D'Arles Jones Jul 21, 2020 - 2:33 am

Actually, “most” of us didn’t do anything that stupid. Maybe the kid is basically stupid. Something wrong with his brain or he’s kind of “slow.” Maybe he didn’t get his share of ass-whoopin’

Rick Benning Jul 22, 2020 - 5:56 pm

So? Trespassing is OK? Actually, most of us didn’t do such stupid things! Maybe YOU did, but I don’t know anyone who did and I know an awful lot of people.

Ray Jul 18, 2020 - 8:21 pm

Another “corona virus “ victim.

Jamie Jul 18, 2020 - 8:27 pm

If Gavin didn’t close the state down the kids will have a place to swim. This poor kid has had his rights taken away and was taking a stand. I am proud of him and support this type of behavior.

Darrell Jul 19, 2020 - 8:54 am

Get a clue!!!!. The closure was for his/her own safety, and kids shouldn’t be going into closed-down schools for any reason. Run through a sprinkler if you are that hot.

anon Jul 19, 2020 - 9:07 am

no, the Deer Valley pool is not a public pool and is never open. Kids regularly hop the fence and use it illegally.

Leslie Diamond Jul 19, 2020 - 1:56 pm

Now the kid will be playing to VLAD, the IMPALER! His patron saint!

John Sisk Jul 18, 2020 - 8:37 pm

I’m sure they will get an attorney to sue the school district.

Tom Graves Jul 18, 2020 - 11:39 pm

Where in hell were his parents – or maybe a mother? Kids should be supervised!

Larry P Jul 19, 2020 - 7:29 am

You should adjust your tin foil hat

Jane dough Jul 19, 2020 - 7:50 am

All y’all in the comments are suuuure judgmental. I remember doing things like this at 12, and I remember my father telling me similar stories of the silly things he did.

Ian Blane Jul 19, 2020 - 1:59 pm

You got “impaled” when you were 12? Isn’t that a bit young for such things? I hope they got the guy for a “statutory!”

Johnny Rockets Jul 20, 2020 - 6:16 pm

Did stuff like all the time even with lots of parental advice and proper manners being passed along. I impaled my hand on a fence in my grandma’s yard when I was 11. So what. …And what?! Judgemental idiots in this thread.

Upside Down Cake Jul 19, 2020 - 2:01 pm

So, what’s wrong with being judgmental? Speaking of being judgmental, you’re being one now.

Robert C. Jul 19, 2020 - 2:17 pm

Exactly. Juveniles do dumb things and sometimes tragedy results. This has nothing to do with Covid-19, “Gavin” or “having rights taken away.” What nonsense.

Jamie (no imitations) Jul 19, 2020 - 3:46 pm

It has everything to do with Gavin. He is the one that closed the public swimming pools, so this is the result. Parents are stressed about the economy and can’t possibly watch their kids 24/7. How can you say it is the parents problem?!?! It is the government’s responsibility to make sure kids have a safe place to go. DEER Valley should be accountable because the installed dangerous flesh penetrating posts.

Robert C. Jul 19, 2020 - 6:27 pm

1. “It has everything to do with Gavin.” Hardly.
2. I did not state that “it is the parents problem.”
3. “It is the government’s responsibility to make sure kids have a safe place to go.” Oh really? According to what statute?

MRS Jul 20, 2020 - 1:55 am

Lol your ignorance cracks me up.

The government closed the community pools to prevent the spread of a deadly virus. What don’t you understand about that?

You must be someone who thinks this virus is a hoax. You will be the same one crying that the government didn’t keep your family safe when your entire family tree dies out.

Ed Owen Jul 21, 2020 - 2:36 am

Deer Valley should put some hungry piranhas in the pool.


It’s doesn’t matter if Newsome closed down everything. This high school pool isn’t open to the public anyway. This is just another example of parents not supervising the kids. I’m pretty sure he didn’t tell them that he/she was was going to go jump the wrought spiked fence to go swimming. No law suit will happen because that type of fence is there to prevent trespassing of dumb people. I’m sure that kid isn’t going to do stupid again!

Tish Jul 19, 2020 - 1:51 pm

I pray for a quick and safe recovery for this child. We are his village. What happens to one should affect us all. My kids live in a beautiful, 2 parent, 5 bedroom home with a pool and plenty of space. Although we have the resources to provide options, It’s still an adjustment for them. Let’s make Antioch great by coming together and offering solutions rather than criticisms. My prayers are with this child and all the other children including my own during this pandemic.

Sandy C Jul 20, 2020 - 1:23 am

You’re words are kind. Thanks for focusing
On the good. ??

Pablo Jul 22, 2020 - 12:22 pm

My neighborhood pool is closed too. I was planning on jumping the fence to go swimming but after seeing what happened to this poor kid I don’t really want to do it anymore.

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