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Antioch: 10 Year Old Boy Hit by Vehicle on A Street

by ECT

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At 1:26 pm Wednesday, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District responded to a report of a child hit by a vehicle on A Street near 15th Street in Antioch.

According to CONFIRE, a red Chevy sedan hit the 10-year-old boy. Crews arrived on scene to the boy awake and crying. They provided him with medical care and requested a REACH helicopter

REACH landed at City Park in Antioch where the boy was flown to Children’s Hospital in Oakland as a precaution.

Photo by Katie Rogneby

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1 comment

David Marco Dec 5, 2013 - 12:08 am

There has been so many accidents on this street (A), and nearby areas. Perhaps, an street where plenty of elders and youngsters have to use every day, given that there are five schools in the area, three public, once private catholic, the church (most holy rosary), and other high density malls that serve the area. Given the growth of this section of the city, the city plan and development team or whoever is in charge of making sure street crossings are adequate, are on their pillows, dreaming about other developments that are paid by citizens’ money. Please, make sure our streets have adequate lighting, enough stop signs and stop lights specially where kids have to commute to school, walk, and ride to get to their destinations. And where elders and poor people have to use the sidewalks to get to local clinics, banks, mall, and so on.
To the police, please have police units, giving tickets to all of those who violate the law on this street, specially on A, 15th, 18th, and nearby streets. Please, in the name of God, lets take care of our kids, elders, and citizens. Please be human, respect life, and respect pedestrians.

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