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Agopian To Run For Antioch Mayor

by ECT

Antioch Councilman Gary Agopian confirmed that he will be running for the City of Antioch Mayor position this November via a Facebook post in the Take Back Antioch group. While this is not a formal announcement by any means, it does look like he will be throwing his name into the hat.

The discussion occurred as  a group of Antioch residents are conducting a survey to see the amount of support Antioch residents would have for a parcel tax on the November ballot.  Agopian stated he tried to fast track it for November, but there was not enough support at the last council meeting. Agopian has stated he would support the parcel tax to fund additional police officers.

In his post, Agopian stated, “I promise that I will, as Mayor, advocate for sane and fair practices. By the way, I brought up the poll at this weeks council meeting and there was not adequate support to fast track it so we can make the Nov. ballot. I will continue to advocate for resourcing police so we can reduce crime and make Antioch a MUCH safer city for all. I welcome all comments and thoughts. Thank you!”

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Arne Simonsen Jul 12, 2012 - 10:15 am

If Gary Agopian wants to be Mayor, then he should have know the cut-off dates for ballot measures.

And since this police parcel tax was developed by a small secretive group, they should have gone the initiative route which would have required submitting a petition to the City Attorney for analysis and form, then start circulating it for the requisite number of valid signatures; having the signatures verified by the City Clerk, and if it has sufficient signatures, then present it to the city council.

That would have been the proper way to do it.

Frank S Jul 14, 2012 - 7:04 pm

No thank you. Agopian is a used-car salesman and has not gotten much done. Vote them all out. Arne, you should consider running again.

Arne Simonsen Jul 14, 2012 - 7:28 pm

Kind of you to say, Frank 🙂