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#73: Jennifer Fink on Alzheimer’s and COVID-19

by ECT

On this episode, I chat with Jennifer Fink of Fading Memories, an Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support show, where we talk about dealing with Alzheimer’s during COVID-19 and how to navigate these times. She reminds people its important to build a team you can rely on, find a way to get a break and importance of keeping as much routine as possible for your loved ones. She also recommends a crisis plan be created while also finding support online.

Show Overview:

  • 00:23 – Introduction
  • 02:14 – Fink highlights in her support group some of the struggles they are seeing with their loved ones.
  • 04:14 – we get into how important taking a break and getting a break is right now.
  • 06:20 – What are some of the best solutions with needing a break and caring for people. No longer have built in breaks with caregivers available. Importance of decompressing
  • 08:37 – Fink provides tips on how to build a team to help.
  • 11:45 – What is going on with Assisting Living Communities.
  • 15:56 – How challenging is quarantine for seniors because of the impact on routine?
  • 20:43 – We dig a little deeper into importance of routine.
  • 29:31 – Importance of online communities
  • 34:20 – Importance of a crisis plan
  • 42:45 – Is there a lot of second guessing going on?
  • 45:56 – Fink plugs her show and how people can find it.

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