Update: Man Suffers Major Injuries in Antioch Traffic Accident, Mayor Assists


On 04/12/16, at 10:00 pm, Antioch Police officers responded to the intersection of A St. and the Highway 4 on ramp on a report of a vehicle collision with a person trapped. Upon arrival, officers located a SUV that had collided into the rear of an occupied parked highway road crew cone truck.

Contra Costa Fire IMG_1956The collision caused major damage to both vehicles.

According to Antioch Police Sergeant Rick Martin, the driver of the SUV, a 35 year old male from Antioch, and sole occupant of the vehicle had to be extricated from the vehicle by Contra Costa County Fire. The driver was transported to a local hospital with major injuries.

The two occupants of the work truck were also transported to a local hospital with injuries that were considered to be minor.

Sgt. Martin stated the investigation revealed the driver of the SUV had collided into another vehicle at the intersection of A St. and Rossi Ave. just moments prior to the collision at A St. and Highway 4.

Contra Costa Fire IMG_1961There were no reported injuries in that collision. The preliminary investigation indicates speed is a factor in the collision. It is unknown at this time if alcohol and/or drugs were involved. No further information will be released at this time.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to call the Antioch Police at (925) 778-2441 or Traffic Officer Eric Johnsen at 925-779-6900 ext.84265. You may also text a tip to 274637 (CRIMES) using key word ANTIOCH

8:18 am Update:

Antioch Mayor Wade Harper stated he arrived on scene shortly after the accident and observed a smoking car and not a lot of movement. He was there about 4 minutes before fire and police arrived.

“Lori Ogorchock was already on the phone with dispatch, I told her to tell them we need code 3 ambulances and the guy is pinned in the car,” explained Harper. “I said we need a fire extinguisher which someone from the community brought to the scene. Firefighters and police did much more than I did. I just assisted and I wanted to talked the victim through it who was in and out of consciousness.”

When fire arrived, Harper told him the victim’s name and that he was breathing. I then backed away from the crash scene and let the firefighters do their job.

Harper then talked with Ogorchock for a while as she was shaken up from the injury after her vehicle was one of the first cars hit, but suffered minor damage and she was not injured.

“As someone in law enforcement for 24-years, I stepped into action and tried to assist where SI could until others arrived,” said Harper.

Editors Note:
It took CONFIRE about 25-minutes to free the male trapped from the vehicle.



  1. I am puzzled by all the buzz related to Wade Harper stopping to help out at an accident and people wanting that to be more focused on. First as human beings, if ever we see someone in harms way we should stop and help. Second as a person that at one time served as a police officer, he SHOULD stop to help. Third his fellow council person was involved so he was more likely to stop because he knows her and that is what we do when someone we know is in an accident. I think he is a minister or chaplain too so of course he would stop!

    I am glad he met all the basics for being a good human being.

    The thing is that since he is running for supervisor is he or some of his people trying to use this as a way to get publicity? If so then that shows a less desirable side of him. We should do kind things without the need to be recognized for it. If he or his supporters are trying to capitalize on this in hopes of getting votes, he is bumbling this much like he has other things in Antioch.

  2. Good job acting like a human being mayor harper. You did what every citizen should do when they see an accident like this. Don’t like your politics, but thank you for leading by example in being a good human.

  3. Where does Babe the Blue Ox come in to the picture? Wade Harper couldnt find his ass with both hands let alone save someone and spin such a yarn without counsel…..

  4. Odd that Lori Ogorchock, unknown male, and Wade Harper, where first second and third cars to arrive on the Hwy 4 on ramp. Any other Antioch political figure witness to this accident? After all, this was Tuesday after a city council meeting. Why did they not travel down L street after the meeting or even Somersville?

  5. Out by 10PM is not a “late” city council meeting. A “late” meeting is midnight or one am which Harper has never done. His meetings are usually over by 9:30 so he may have considered this “late” by his values. This is not an active city council by any means! They do no real work.

  6. Why would Mr. harper have to restate his minor involvement in this incident except for more PR for his ego. Many people would have done the same thing and not put their own name in the paper like he did. Just a PR shot for the election. Vote NO.

    • @Julio… because of the KRON4 story which went complete “sensationalism”. Harper clarified.

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