Update: Antioch Police Officer Shot in Head, Suspect Surrenders After 5 Hour Standoff


At 7:52 pm Monday, an Antioch Police officer was shot in the head and is in stable condition according to preliminary information.

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The incident took place at Deerfield Drive near Fawn Hill Way in the City of Antioch. Police are currently in the area searching for the suspect. The officer was reportedly taken to a nearby hospital.

9:00 pm Update
The Antioch Police Department and multiple agencies have a home surrounded with a suspect refusing to come out. Several homes were evacuated.

2:30 am Update:

The man reportedly has surrounded, awaiting more info.

4:00 am Update by Antioch Police:

Antioch Police responded to the above location for a report of a man with a gun.  While on scene, a 32-year-old male resident, shot one of the responding officers, striking him in the head.  The officer was rushed to an area hospital, where he was treated and later released with minor injuries.   Numerous area police agencies responded to the scene and set up a perimeter.

After a 5-hour stand-off, the suspect surrendered to police and was taken into custody without incident.  The suspect is currently in custody at the Contra Costa County Detention Facility.

Any further information or additional press releases will be provided by the Investigations Bureau at (925) 779-6939.

All photos courtesy of Michael Pohl


  1. But he’s a nice boy blah blah blah , anyone who would shoot an officer is in need of some swift justice we don’t need people like that roaming the earth.

  2. Safer in Oakland. Safer in Richmond. Safer in Pittsburg. Never thought that would be a reality.

    • Except Pittsburg, this is simply not true. It’s an exaggeration of the safety of our town. Check the crime stats.

      • You’re right! Antioch does not have the crime either Oakland nor Richmond have. I never thought I’d see the day when Antioch surpassed Pittsburg in crime but that day is here and gone. Thank you Pittsburg Police Dept.! Sorry Antioch is getting a lot of Oakland/Richmond re-treads who are sick of the violence in their towns. Unfortunately, they just bring it with them sometimes.

        • Cheryl Ann New — When I drive down Lone Tree, I think I must be in Oakland or Richmond (Iron Triangle). People with what that “Section 8” look are all over. They were relocated from those two cities and now we have to watch OUR backs.

  3. I was on the 242 towards concord at 8pm going to concord and two cars were speeding through traffic in the opposite direction like their life depended on it. I wonder if they were the suspects?

    • 2 bmws? One red and one black? Driving like a bat outta hell? If so yeah seen em too..driving on the shoulder and everything.

      • Yeah I was in Pittsburg on harbor and could hear the sirens, when I started to head home to Antioch they had the freeway halfway shut down. I wonder if they crashed.

    • We saw them too. Took the Hillcrest exit in front of us and then an undercover cop came racing behind them. They all took a right off of the exit and then made a left at that first light. Don’t know what happened after that though.

  4. Hopefully this POS doesn’t make it out alive!!
    Prayers for the officer that was shot and all the officers on scene!!

  5. Our town is getting so much better. Much better than 2013. Its going in the right direction but we need more officers. The competition is steep many cities are looking that have less crime and pay better. Poor publicity for the peace officer profession does not help. Prayers to this officer, their family and APD

  6. Multiple agencies, means everyone wants a piece of this guy. I’m guessing he’s gonna fall down A LOT, if he’s taken into custody. Prayers for the injured officer, his family, and his brother’s and sisters in blue.

  7. America won’t hear about this because its not a white cop shooting a black man. This will stay hidden beneath all the other people shooting police.

    • I’ve already had calls and email from friends and relatives in other states (Colorado, Illinois, Washington) asking what happened. Apparently, it is on their news stations.

    • Why can’t we bring race into it? That’s what they do as soon as a white cop shoots a black man. Fuck it, if it is ok for them it’s ok for us

      • That’s right. Use the bad behavior for others as an excuse for your own. Alternatively, you could rise above it.

  8. He is armed and there are at least two family members inside the home with him, unsure if they are willing staying there or are being held against their will.

    • Apparently, one shooter is inside the house and the police are looking for the other one. There were two perps involved.

    • A high-powered BB gun cane do a lot of damage……. Even one which is NOT high powered can take out an eye or worse. They should be outlawed. Kids can harm each other with them. I once caught some brat shooting bb’s at birds in a park. I throttled him and took his bb gun away. He ran crying to his mommy.

  9. Antioch has become a dangerous place to live. We all know what happened but are afraid to voice it out.

      • Thank you for the updates ECT….being a dispatcher, I know how fluid situtions like this can be from the initial call out to the end result. I’m glad the Officer is ok and the suspect is in custody. 💙👮💙

    • Per APD:

      Antioch Police responded to the above location for a report of a man with a gun. While on scene, a 32-year-old male resident, shot one of the responding officers, striking him in the head. The officer was rushed to an area hospital, where he was treated and later released with minor injuries.

  10. There are about 100 police there literally! Now they have Caltrans blocking more than 2 long blocks in both directions of Hillcrest. Police from every city is here along with Swat and other tactical entities! It’s too much…

    • If your husband was just shot in the head or your family was being held captive with a man at gunpoint what would be too much for you?
      Thankfully all agencies responded so quickly and he had no choice but to surrender.
      Job well done!!

      • Obviously you took my comment the wrong way. And really you didn’t have to respond at all. Ppl find negativity in everything. I’ve been reading these comments and so much hate and racism is going on. I guess ppl wake up and say I’m going to be mean today!! Let me find my victim!! It’s not GOD like for those that say they love him!! Smdh…

        • Michelle, good morning… It’s just that when the shooting first went out the report was an officer shot in the head, and the guy was in the wind. So the reason for the response as abundant as it was… Was because of him needing to be caught. The APD having an officer shot, the brothers in blue respond to help with coverage to get the guy and potentially help the city with other surrounding emergencies… When a first responder is injured or killed the forces surrounding know no boundaries… Thankfully the guy was taken in to custody and best of all the officer’s injuries were only minor. Have a blessed day…

  11. He’s a nice churching going boy, he’s misunderstood…he meant no harm…blah blah blah….

  12. How in the world did they manage to not smoke that turd after shot one of their own? Takes incredible self control, professionalism and training to take him into custody. What was that about police and excessive force?!? Please, save it for CNN… Well done APD! 💙

    I’m VOTING YES ON W today, to give the Police the support they need! It’s the least I can do.

    • Agreed the PD used great restraint today, but this use of restraint in no way absolves those LEOs who do use excessive force.

  13. Good morning All,
    Well thankfully the officer will be ok. I am hoping that this officer and his family’s privacy is respected. He came probably the closest ever to death, just proof that our police officers, people too with families and personal lives. This officer needs this time to recover and spend precious time with his family, with respect from the community.

    • Like you knew that all along…give us a break. You read the next update and now we are all idiots. Hope someone shoots you in the head with a pellet gun.

      • That was news as of 10:38PM last night, but you outrage enthusiasts and comment section warriors love overreacting to stimulate your racial, partisan and/or economic class beliefs. Who gets shot in the head and leaves the hospital exactly 40 minutes later with no life-threatening injuries? Even if it were to have been grazed bulletwound the officer would’ve been held overnight at minimum. That didn’t seem strange to anyone? The entire cavalry for a misreported weapon? You idiots come here to argue beliefs and never discuss facts. ZERO RESEARCH, and live your lives on outrage.

          • Right, when someone lays out the facts for you, you turn into a child and spew basic insults. Your president has molded you all too well. Good luck with that, idiot.

  14. For those who say it was an over abundance of police, I live in reality. It was perfect. They had a fallen brother in blue. Having police officers in the family both past and present I was both scared and relieved. Scared for the officer that was hurt and for the others with the task to take down the suspect. Relieved by the show of force. A clear message was given that OFFICER LIVES MATTER Too and he wasn’t going to get away. Therefore, kudos to all agencies that responded!!

  15. Glad everyone made it out Alive and Ok. Regardless who this man is, he just ruined his life. So sad. Make better decisions people.

  16. When I read the headline my heart sank. Thank goodness the officer is ok. That is great news.

  17. Why hasn’t this POS been named? I checked the papers and other sources of information and it’s still says, “a 32-year-old shooter.” Who IS this guy?

    • Yes! When will this shooter be named? What’s taking so long? Usually, the name of a criminal is posted on sites like this and/or in the local paper. What’s holding this up?

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