Update: 18-Year-Old Fatally Shot, Two Juveniles Wounded in Antioch Shooting


At 1:20 am Monday, the Antioch Police Department responded to a shooting that left one dead and two wounded in the Applebees parking lot at Hillcrest Ave and Larkspur Dr. in the City of Antioch.

One victim was deceased in the parking lot while one person was transported to a local hospital while another patient showed up sometime later with a wound to the groin. It was confirmed by a source that the patient was related to the shooting.

This is the 5th homicide of 2018.

2:02 pm Update:

The Antioch Police Department released additional information on Monday mornings shooting saying an 18-year-old male is deceased while a 17-year-old male and a 16-year-old male were wounded.

According to Sergeant John Fortner, officers arrived at the complex where they located two males down on the ground in the parking lot. One male victim sustained multiple gunshot wounds and succumbed to his injuries at the scene. The second male (16 years-old) was located a short distance away and he was also suffering from gunshot wounds.

Officers began first aid as fire department paramedics were called to the scene. The surviving victim was stabilized and transported to a local area hospital where he was taken into surgery.

While officers were still at the scene they were advised that a shooting victim (17-year-old) arrived at a local emergency room for treatment. Officers responded to the hospital and determined that this was an additional victim who was related to the shooting in the parking lot.

No additional victims have come forward or have been identified at this time.

Fortner said at this time, evidence suggests that the victims were involved in a confrontation with another group of unknown subjects in the parking lot when gunshots were fired.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Antioch Police Department at (925)778-2441. You may also text-a-tip to 274637 (CRIMES) using the key word ANTIOCH.



  1. Couldn’t come from the shoulders huh? Gun is too easy. Too many punks out there gotta use the guns.

  2. A friend knows the person who died. He just had a baby. Very young adult. Very sad situation. Saying prayers for the families who are hurting right now.

  3. The World is a Ghetto! This is happening all over California and this World! The media tries to fear us behind our closed doors and steel gates..Man and Woman up and enJoy this short life we live! #WalkByFaith

    • No, they’re too busy focusing on the occasional “racist” video of minorities being accosted by Caspers. Of course they NEVER show when it’s the other way around. Doesn’t fit the narrative.

        • Yes, indeed it is a racist slur for white people.

          Racists come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

      • So you know the color if the assailants?…because I know the young man who died so..exactly what is your point here? Someone just list a son and thus is all you can do. You’re a worthless piece of shit!

  4. 5 homicides going into August really isn’t that bad for Antioch. Guess things are getting “better.”

  5. the restaurant closed at midnight.YOU ask what was he doing out at this hour?maybe they just got out of work?

  6. Just another day in the Hood. Three young people with guns at 1:20am. Three youngsters with Gun Shot wounds??? Obviously it wasn’t a Church Retreat. This is the life they choose. Their destiny is either Prison or Homicide.

    • Hey Guy, unless you were there, you don’t know, the 3 victims we’re defenseless. Wrong place at the wrong time

    • thats my family, him and his friends had no weapons and were just hangin out down the street from his own house. Its easy to assume or conjure up your own ideas of what might have happened, but bottom line is he was an unarmed and gunned down by a coward. lots of my family will probably read some of this garbage looking for anything that can shed light on what has happened, please try to have some repect

  7. Let me guess he was a young white male who graduated high school and is on his way to college in the fall… just shocking!!!

    • He is a young white male. He was the father of a new born. He was a good kid. Stop making such snap judgements. My son had a child at 17. Just because someone has a child young and does not go to college does not make them expendable!!

  8. I was at the emergency room when the boy arrived. His friends basically walked him in and put him in the wheel chair. Then said they gotta call the homies and ran out.

  9. My son is one of the victims. If you don’t know the whole story you need to keep your mouths shut. Everyone so quick to judge people when no one in this world is perfect. My son didn’t deserve to be shot neither did his friends

  10. Look at all of you deputy no badge types passing judgement and being so disrespectful not even thinking about his family and what if it were your loved one? You basically say anyone e out at 1:20 AM is asking to be killed or jailed just because. For all we know they were buying gas how is all of that relevant? I hope his mother doesn’t have to see how cold the world is . In my opinion your sociopathic holier than thou attitudes make you a stone’s throw away from the heartless person who took someone’s life over no doubt some petty ass shit .. you can say whatever makes you feel. Better about being you but in your heart you know I’m right and I really pray you feel ashamed because if you don’t than you have o my proven my point. children are watching you …be careful. My prayers are with the families no one should ever have to bury their child or be subjected to thoughtless disparaging comments from the side lines.

    • I love ya Cat. This young man was someone very close to me and it is devastating to Day the least. You always have such a way with words.

    • Thank you….you said it perfectly. I don’t know the people involved but I am down at applebees now watching all these people around candles in remembrance of this young man. All these people affected and hurting bc someone is too much of a pussy and used a gun. I am so so sorry to all the family and friends of all the victims. These people talking their smack and passing their judgement are not worth listening too as they are just sad human beings with no heart. Those type of people make up part of the reason why their is so much hatred in this world and I feel really bad for them. I am praying for comfort and strength to all affected to get through this hard time.

  11. Kids shot were trying to help out when they saw a fight happening in the parking lot. These 3 were not armed. Makes you think twice when stopping to help somebody. My heart goes out to their families. I know young guys get into fights. It always been that way in our society, but what ever happened to good old fist fights?!

      • She doesn’t know this. It’s deflection. Truth is, there’s absolutely zero reason they should have been there. The only thing open in that shopping center is the Shell station.

        They want us to believe that these three fine young men were just passing by and were some sort of hero’s who were just bystanders trying to stop a fight?

        Probably the dumbest thing I’ve seen posted here yet.

      • A 16 year old should be at home supervised by his parent(s) and not hanging out in some parking lot way after midnight! Maybe a bit of azzzwhoopin’ should have been applied earlier.

    • Confirmed: Gang Bangers

      For everyone defending these thugs just read the comments left by their own friends and family.

      Excuses and deflection from the family. Gang love from the “homies”.

      Just a heads up- No, it’s not normal or ok for a bunch of juveniles to be hanging out in a Parking lot at 2am. No, getting shot is not “part of life in Antioch”. It is however, the common outcome for thugs and gang bangers.

      • Have you actually paid attention to how kids talk to one another?? You are clearly unaware of reality.

        • Yes Christine I have.
          Blood is a term used originally by Piru and Blood gang members in Los Angeles. Norteneos also use the term for the color they wear, Red. Similar to the Los Angeles gangs that use the word blood.
          If you’re trying to say “that’s just how they talk” you’re wrong. And while you’re defending, can you explain why there was a group of Norteneo gang members wearing all red at the memorial?

  12. Praying for all involved. Praying for comfort, healing for the ones responsible to be caught. Praying the criminals will come to know the Lord.

  13. I feel bad for the families that now have to deal with this tragedy. This is happening everywhere. This is senseless. There is racism in every race. Why? Open your eyes people….we all bleed red.

  14. Fuck all you people this could’ve happend to ANYBODY at any fuckin time or place. Nobody deserves their life snatched out of their hands. Rip to the homie jordan. You was a good dude bra

    • Actually, no! It doesn’t happen to anybody at any place or time. There are concentrations of crime and now Antioch has that “honor.” Look at the stats city-by-city, town-by-town. For some reason, a formerly great little city has been overrun by ghetto sewer rat thugs and those who support and make excuses for them … .. and this is the result.

      • Truth. Parents of these thug ghetto rats have failed miserably. I’ve raised my child in Antioch for 22 years, and she has never been in trouble. I’m a full time single parent, and she is now a very successful college student. These remiss parents deserve any guilt imposed on them. A responsible parent should always know the whereabouts of their child, and should never let them run the ghetto streets of Antioch.

    • My deepest condolences to your home boy and his family. Your absolutely right it could’ve happened anytime , anywhere and to anybody. Much Love. This Jesse’s mom.

  15. I don’t get it that no one saw a vehicle, especially the gas station across the street, there’s always people at that gas station and transient’s always hanging out there. Yea the statistics for Antioch are down this year that’s a good thing but this boy had many years ahead of him, to young to die, To the family , I’m truly sorry for your loss, may god take him into his arms and give you a sign that he didn’t suffer and he will always be with his family. God bless

  16. Aren’t there quite a few security cameras near Applebees and the other restaurants in that area? I think they cover the parking lot quite well.

  17. You people know what happens here stick to the rules stay in your own lane don’t. People want to test people. they aren’t playing in this life. They will soon know whatever you are looking for they will find it in this small town they think oh this is just Antioch. A lot of people life’s get messed up here. They should know when you cross that line. They think there all tough until shit really hits the fan then they aren’t tough at all. Prayers to all the family’s hurt in this incident

  18. Parents love your children. guide them the right way. be humble. Teach them right from wrong. Get involved. be positive.

  19. The prejudice in these comments is disgusting. Same miserable ass people with nothing better to do. Clearly this is your entertainment. Pathetic.

    • I do not see any prejudice here yet.The Ghetto has no color or religion. This situation is because parents did not do their job. My parents knew where I was if after midnight. They also knew I didn’t have guns in my possession. If I did there was a responsible adult around. If your child up to 18 is roaming the streets in the wee hours of night and you don’t have clue what they are doing, start paying attention. It could save their life. God bless those kids for not being taught right and losing their life.

      • These poor excuse for parents never want to take responsibility for raising bad kids. They’d much rather make excuses and blame racism. It’s not that anyone that’s commented above is “Miserable”, “Racist” or “Disrespectful”. Maybe it’s because we’re all tired of parents doing such a piss poor job raising their kids, and we’re angry at the Parents for failing in their most important job.

    • Prejudice? I’m a Black Man and I agree with a lot of the comments here (minus the name calling). The thugs and gang bangers have taken over Antioch and it’s the parents fault, they just don’t care or are too ratchet themselves to notice anything is wrong. When you raise a gang banger, drug dealer, stick up kid- they’re going only two places- prison or the grave. Meanwhile the hard working citizens of Antioch are the ones who truly suffer.

      I see a lot of people defending these boys with false or made up statements. If you’re in an empty parking lot at 1:30am just “hanging out” you’re up to no good. Period. No more excuses.

      Playing the race card is disingenuous because let’s be honest, it’s just calling them out for what they are, ratchet, ghetto, thugs, gang bangers, drug dealers and stick up kids. Human garbage regardless of color.

      • They weren’t “hanging out “ in a parking lot!! One of them was in the gas station store!! God people are so ignorant!! Learn the truth before speaking. That was you all don’t look so ignorant!!

    • The Oakley Police have a long record of these fine young men and their amazing Mom. Ask the residents of Mammouth Street about all the fine upstanding people that terrorized this street and all the criminal activity that took place. The Apple did not fall far from the tree.

  20. If you drive by the memorial you’ll notice a bunch of Norteneo gang members standing around. Probably don’t even know who wet em’ up so their hanging around like a bunch of dummies.

    Are these the “Lone Tree Norteneos” we keep hearing about who think their so tough they gang bang in the Suburbs but wouldn’t dare claim that set in Oakland, Richmond or SF because they know their posers and wannabes? Yeah, I think that’s them. Or another poser suburb banging set, all just a bunch of fake ass wannabe’s too scared to do their dirt in the hood with real G’s.

  21. To all of you saying they were “Ghetto Rasta” or gang bangers, the kids DID NOT HAVE ANY WEAPONS ON THEM!! I know someone who is very clos to the family of Jordan and my son knows his sister. He was a good young man. He and his girlfriend just had a baby!! The “argument” was over a fucking pair of shoes. The shooter and his people were demanding one of tne victims shoes. A maylay happened. OVER SHOES!! Yes there were ghetto rats involved, but it was not these victims! Jordan was most likely running to help his brother when he was killed in cold blood. You people making snap judgements are truly pathetic. Maybe you all need to come out of your white towers and look at the real world. If you don’t, it could be you or your Family getting shot over a pair of fucking shoes next.

    • Yes, it was over a pair of shoes. Who takes someone’s life over shoes? A maggot! This sweet boy was my Dad’s friend’s Great Grandson. Wouldn’t give up his shoes. So, gunned down by AK47’s. just plain GARBAGE. And btw, homie is another word for “friend” to those who don’t know. And you can have a friend that chose another walk of life without being affiliated with them. And the shoe bullshit IS typical of gang bangers. Bottom line, “THOU SHALT NOT KILL” & Cowards run in packs! But saying that these kids basically “deserved it” because they were out late is just like saying that a girl who dresses in tight clothes deserves to be raped. I hope the dirtbags that shot these kids get what they deserve.

  22. We don’t know all the facts. I would hesitate to speculate what the young men were doing. For instance, I have a young adult son who went to winco for snacks for a planned late movie night with friends. (His friend he was meeting up with works late at Kaiser) It was around midnight and two men were attacking an older woman and attempting to take her purse. My son ran over to help her while his friend called 911 and tried to flag other help.
    My son didn’t know if they had weapons but he ran over to help her anyways. He also helped ID the suspects when the police came and took him to the suspects. He is Hispanic, out after midnight. Had he been shot or stabbed (found out later one suspect had a knife on him) I could see people saying he was up to no good and gang related. Plenty of good older teens hang out with friends after midnight. I did it when i was young. I’m sure many of you did also.

  23. Doesn’t Antioch still have a curfew? If memory serves, no one under 18 is legally allowed to run the streets after 11pm. Therefore, these derelict parents willingly violated our City Ordinance, and thus placed their children in Danger. Maybe CPS should be involved?

  24. 1st all those talking crap about the victims need to stfu. They were DAMN GOOD kids. Dont you DARE say anything about their parents you pos. You do not know the situation, the victims or their families. You have no right to critize or put down any victims or families. I cant believe the audacity of some people. Oh fyi when i was 17 i got off work at 2a. Guess what i stopped by places to eat, get snacks- gas, etc. sometimes at 4a if i worked overtime. My parents were bad. Their kid worked a full time job and it happened to be a swing shift. Does that make all kids out at that time bad?No. Stfu before you cast judgement. Last time i checked NONE OF YOU WERE GOD. Let the FAMILY MOURN THEIR CHILD without your judgement and critism. Rip jordan. You were an amazing kid who was bright, kind, well mannered, and beautiful inside and out. If any of you actually knew him you would agree. Truly a huge loss to this world. My thoughts and prayers are with his mother, who btw is a good parent and amazing mom, and all the victims and their families.
    Ok haters go on ahead and rip me apart now for defending a child who lost his life and their families. Then realize as you talk ill of the dead and their families you will be putting another stamp on your straight to hell rewards card. The devils waiting for your evil soul.

  25. I hear a few people defending these kids. I hear them defending them in various ways, but there is absolutely no mention or defending the most common assertion. Were any of the kids involved, associated, or running with gangs in any form??? They have a lot to say, but strangely and noticeably have chosen not to address those assumptions.

  26. Not gang related. See above…it appears to be over shoes. People get killed and brutally robbed for shoes all the time for a looooooong time. Decades. This is the world our kids are forced to live in. Seriously they will get hurt for the latest sneaker. I know a 18 yr old kid who got viciously, violently robbed for his shoes then they carjacked him and stripped him naked & left him in the parking lot at mcd off sycamore. Happened when he got off work at 1a and just wanted a big mac after a long days work. Hes a Good kid. Privileged. From a great neighborhood, great school, great family. Wrong place wrong time. It could happen to any of us. It could be ur kid, ur family member, ur pastor! No one is immune from this type of crime. I learned a long time ago to not wear nice sneakers or fancy jewelry around here if i want to keep them & not get jumped or robbed. A rule ive had since the 90s.
    Re the police: they probably won’t say more because its an open investigation, the suspects are unknown and outstanding and there were 2 minors involved. It may be for the other victims safety.
    Ps people in gangs are not all bad people/kids. Not every violent crime is gang related. Kids fall into the bad crowd sometimes & it can get all bad for them. Beleive it or not kids in Beverley Hills join gangs & commit violent crime. Anyone can join a gang. Even the most priveleged ppl. Lets remember that gangs see no age, color, demographics, or sex.

  27. Investigations dont get done over night you low life losers. It wasnt gang related and he was a very nice generous person. You cowards literally dont even know who he is or the situatuion he was in. So if your hard working moms were driving home at 1 am from work n got struck by a damn 18 wheeler n we said “well shit shes stupid for workin so late shoulda got a better job” how would you pathetic losers feel? Exactly. East county times and east county today dont ever give exact or 100% correct information so stop reading shit off the internet. N you guys wanna talk about gang members when you’re on here internet thuggin talkin shit n not leavin no info on who u are ! Go somewhere with that low life shit

  28. And for those talking shit about “parenting” i guarantee you guys are parents of fucking 2 year olds talkin about controling your kids. This young generation is fucked and out of hand not because of the parents that stress 24/7 but cant CHASE DOWN THEIR KIDS WHEN THEY HAVE TO WORK TO PROVIDE FOR THEIR HOME AND OTHER CHILDEREN . ONCE YOU ARE IN THAT POSITION THEN COME FUCKIN SAY SOMETHING! AND TO JORDANS FAMILY DONT READ THESE SHITTY ASS COMMENTS. FUCK THESE LOSERS KEEP YOUR HEADS UP FOR J. LOVE YOU ALL

    • Internet tough guy is as tough as a suburban gang banger.

      Shut up pussy- your fake gang banging ass gonna get exactly what all you fake ass homies get – JAIL.
      Go back to your mommy’s house, hide in the closet and pray the sheriff’s department don’t track down your IP address because they’re coming for you.

  29. Maybe they should have had weapons maybe there would be more dead. Real people step aside let let the garbage take out the garbage

  30. Obviously the comments above paint a clear picture for all to see. The circle/family these kids ran with, prove that they were doomed from jumpstart. It’s sad that these poor performing parents take no responsibility. This is exactly what’s wrong with American society. Parents failing miserably.


    • Yo BJ,
      The Contra Costa County Superior Court already judged Mom and Jordan. Intelligent people can easily look-up Public Records on these winners. Don’t even get me started on their social media accounts, You can find out alot about their characteristic and integrity when they blast their business for everyone to see. I’m sure APD is all over this, I love all the gang banger mentality, So yes, people will judge, it’s human nature. TRUST and BELIEVE THAT!
      Unfortunately the knowledge I have of this family, this was bound to happen. Mama is a drop-out, brothers both drop- outs by 9th grade, mooching off the system, hit and runs, stealing property, must I go on BJ?
      If only juvenile records and CPS records were public, law-abiding citizens would be outraged of Mom and boys’ behavior, TRUST and BELIEVE THAT!

      If you are a sh***y person, then expect to be sh***ed on. Seems like Karma hit back real hard.

      APD tip line 925. 778.2441


  33. Why is no one talking about the kid who didn’t let these thugs punk him for his shoes. He needs some credit for standing up for himself and getting the drop on them. No life is worth shoes.

  34. You guys are all stupid! Leave it alone and let the APD handle it! Seems like APD doesn’t even care anyway! I haven’t heard any updates on this case, have you??

  35. Someone was killed, 2 were injured and lost their friend. Maybe they went out to a decent restaurant after working and were on their way home. You don’t know the circumstances so don’t judge.

    • Actions have Consequences, they should have not been in a gun battle trying to steal.

  36. I am a 63 year old educated Caucasian from the USA and an RN for over 42 years. I can’t believe the ignorant comments on this site! Both of my parents were “ dropouts” and 2 of the strictest most moral parents I have ever seen!!! You can tell that the people who made nasty comments are uneducated fools! No one deserves to die or be injured like the 3 young men who were the victims!!!

    • Hey Char,
      Do you want a cookie for doing right in life? Victims they ARE NOT, they STEAL and have a SHOOT-OUT, (actual innocent people could have been hurt/killed) what did they think was going to happen? Two of them are juveniles, give me a break, by the way where are their Daddy’s? Probably losers like them and not involved in their upbringing! I hope your boy wasn’t their Daddy? The parents need to be charged too, feel free to call CPS at 877. 881.1116.

  37. Nice boys aren’t out at 1:30 in the morning robbing people, getting shot, sounds like their parents failed them miserably. I grew up and raised my 4 teenagers here in Antioch and they knew to be home by 10pm or deal with my wife and I. Wake up parents, you are your child’s biggest role models in life and if they see you being productive and involved, then your kids will likely turn out decent. The keywords here are: INVOLVED PRODUCTIVE PARENTS

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