Update: Shelter in Place Lifted After Vegetation Fire Breaks Out in Pittsburg


At 4:28 pm Saturday, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District was dispatched to a report of a vegetation fire at E 3rd Street at Railroad in the City of Pittsburg.

CONFIRE arrived on scene and located a vegetation fire near the DOW Property as well as near CALPINE. Due to chemicals in the grass, CONFIRE requested a shelter in place be ordered from the County.

It was unknown how large of an area CONFIRE requested the shelter in place and CONFIRE was letter the fire burn itself out near the roadway. They have ordered Pittsburg police to shut down Railroad in the northbound direction at E 3rd Street.

The Contra Costa County Sheriffs Office was assisting with incident with water drops.

The Shelter in Place has been lifted around 6:00 pm and was limited to the areas around the fire.