Pittsburg Announces Delta View Golf Course to Close March 1


The City of Pittsburg announced Monday that the Delta View Golf Course is set to close on March 1, 2018.

According to the city, they were notified that the company which operates Delta View Golf Course will be closing as of March 1st. As a result, the course will be closed as of that date while the City of Pittsburg explores its options.

No further information was provided.

In the last several years, East County has seen a number of course closes, however, the Bay Area still has more than 100 golf courses. Some of the closures include:

Despite the closures of

  • Roddy Ranch, Antioch
  • Shadow Lakes in Brentwood
  • Springtown, Livermore
  • Pine Meadows, Martinez
  • Grayson Woods, Pleasant Hill
  • Sunol Valley, Sunol


  1. Hhhhmm this is not good the city can’t even keep one single Golf Course keep it open? That is a shame shame on the city shame on the Pittsburg very disappointing

  2. At one time, the city ran the golf course, but then they hired a management company and the whole place just fell apart. Maybe the city can be tempted to resume running it again.

  3. I received a letter in the mail from the golf course stating that they are closing because they got sued by a guy that has sued quite a few golf courses in contra costa county for not having a handicapped golf cart.

  4. That person should be taken to court for illogical demands. All courses should PROVIDE a “Handicapped golf cart” at a cost of several thousands per course? No! He should buy one and bring it with him. The course would be glad to let him use his own cart. Some people expect to be taken care of rather than to take care of themselves. I wonder of this guy is handicapped…

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