Letter: Candidate Says Antioch Election Night Council Meeting Should be Re-Scheduled


Dear Editor:

I just discovered and I am outraged this morning that the Antioch City Council intends to hold a council meeting next Tuesday, November 8th – election day.

My wife Tina and I do not suffer fools well. It is very ironic that not only is a meeting planned, but the agenda reflects an Urgency item and two Public hearings. I find it funny and convenient that these important matters are squeezed in at times when the public may not be fully available to attend.

I have not reviewed the 2015, 2016 calendar completely, but it seems odd that major issues of importance seem to make it to the agenda around the time when Citizens are least available.

I urge the City Council to cancel the meeting that is scheduled for November 8, 2016 and reschedule to a date and time that the community can be available.

Some will say that most voters in our County have early voted. But, considering how important and controversial our National Election is this year, most will be glued to the news outlets covering the election.

So, in my view, they are attempting to sneak more decisions by us while we are looking the other way.  I am angry, as my wife and I expected the City to have greater consideration for the Citizens of Antioch.

Fred Rouse
Antioch, CA



  1. This shows a lack of common sense and yet major arrogance by Mr. Duran and Mayor Harper to load up an agenda on election night when most people are watching election results. Move the meeting and show some common courtesy to the residents of Antioch.

  2. This is so typical of Duran and Harper. Yes, this is deliberate. How could they possibly say Oh I didn’t know. Harper is so positive he is going to win he cares of nothing else and doesn’t need to watch the returns. God help this city if he does.

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