ECT Now App

The eastcountytoday mobile app “ECT Now” is aimed at bringing local news in Contra Costa County directly to your phone–available on both APPLE and Android phones.

Whether you are looking for traffic updates, police and fire activity or community information, this app will provide it.

As a premium user of the ECT Now app, you will get alerts directly to your phone around Contra Costa County. The service is $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year.

Hit “subscribe” below and upon completion of payment, we will set up your account credentials which will provide access to the app. These credentials will be emailed to you.

For questions or concerns, email

Payment Options


Our premium membership will allow you to receive our
“Push Alerts” which are Breaking News Alerts directly to your phone. As a premium member, you will also be able to chat and receive special offers.

The mobile app will allow you to receive alerts without having to utilize our website, social media platforms as it comes directly to your phone for easy convenience.


Premium ECT NOW App Account Setup Process:

  1. APP is free to download on APPLE or Android — for access an account must be created
  2. After payment — you will be directed to the link where you can download the APP.
  3. ECT will then get an email and will set up your account within a 24-hour period (hopefully within a few hours). We will then email you back your username and password for access.

Payment Options

For any questions or concerns, email us.

Free Account
A free account will allow you to login to the app. With this type of account, only a portion of the features will be made available–push alerts are available under the premium package.

To set up a free account, email and include your first and last name.

Editors Note:
In our “Version 2” release later in 2017, we hope to have the registration process running through both APPLE & Android to be fully automated. This will ensure a streamlined registration process and provide automatic access upon sign-up.