Antioch: Woman Causes Crash After Running Red Light, Flees on Foot


At 7:50 am Saturday, Antioch Police responsed to a report of a vehicle crash after a female ran a red light and struck another vehicle at Wilbur and Minaker in Antioch.

Upon arrival, police located one vehicle on the sidewalk, and another vehicle in the intersection where the woman who ran the red light fled the scene.

Police are still on scene investigating and no further details are available with the Minaker shut down.



  1. Red light running has become an epidemic. People just don’t any respect for anything anymore.

  2. Never EVER trust someone in an eighth generation Impala (2000-2005)- by far the worst generation they made. Horribly made and that’s why they’re dirt cheap. Anyone driving one doesn’t care about their safety or anyone else’s. If they’re willing to get in one of those, they’re willing to break all social constructs.

  3. I lived in the corner house for 4 years and there was several traffic incidents in that small time frame. My biggest fear was always that someone would come crashing into my house one day with the way they speed down wilbur like that soo glad we got out of there