Antioch: Suspicious Package Shuts Down Lone Tree Way


A suspicious package shut down a portion of Lone Tree Way Friday afternoon as the Antioch Police Department worked to ensure the public’s safety after a woman reported a the package with derogatory comments written on it.

The incident began at  2:27 and lasted nearly two-hours as the incident required the assistance of the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District and the Walnut Creek Police Departments Bomb Squad.

Here is a copy of the Press Release:

Antioch Police responded to a report of a suspicious package on a bus stop bench. Officers located a medium-sized packaging envelope that appeared to be full. Markings on the envelope caused officers to be concerned with its unknown contents. As a precautionary measure, Lone Tree Way was blocked off from James Donlon Blvd. to Bluerock Drive in both directions, and nearby residents were encouraged to remain indoors for about 1 ½ hours.

Members of the Walnut Creek Bomb Squad responded to the scene and determined the envelope was safe and there was never any public hazard. The roadway was reopened and the affected residents were notified.

This preliminary information is made available by the Field Services Bureau. Any further inquiries into the status of this case should be done via the Media Access Telephone Line (925) 779-6874.


  1. As usual, you are the place to come for news. Great to see pictures and very glad it was never any harm to the public. Great job to Antioch and Walnut Creek Police for keeping us safe. Hope they catch whoever did this.

  2. I love this site, way better stuff and pictures. The Times only has the Press Release is what it looks like. What is this about derogatory comments written on it? What is that about?

  3. As usual, you provide the best info and little facts not seen else where. I too am curious on the derogatory comments.

  4. Im the person who reported that weird package . I was scared i didnt know what was in it it had some foul stuff written on it

    • You’re full of it, I know the person that found it and reported it….and you’re certainly not that person.

  5. I wonder where this will take us as a society. As people become more aware of the ability to tie up valuable emergency services personnel with “suspicious packages”, one weirdo with an axe to grind cold theoretically wreak havoc on a community. Costs to respond would go up, and at some point a service that is truly needed would be un-serviced, with the possibility of harm to actual victims or property.
    Of course, what do you do? I’m sure the people in Boston never thought twice about the backpacks laying near their feet. You have to report things when you see them. This is going to get interesting as our society moves along down this path we’re currently on.

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