Antioch: Shoplifter Releases Pepper Spray Inside Grocery Outlet


At 10:30 am Friday, Antioch Police responded to a report of a shoplifting incident at Grocery Outlet located at 3160 Buchanan Rd in Antioch.

According to police on scene, a female was caught shoplifting and ran outside the store. She then immediately returned inside the store and sprayed pepper spray inside the store.

Three people were treated by AMR with minor injuries and were released on scene.

County HazMat also responded and cleared the scene within 30-minutes.

No further information was released.



  1. Decisions Decisions… Be honest and a normal citizen and spend the money on necessities / groceries or….. steal and still have money to buy the new Jordan’s for me and my kids….

  2. Is this the same person who pepper sprayed the J. C. Penney store the other day? Maybe this is the new way to shoplift. Spray the place, grab what you want and get out.

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