Antioch School Closures to Continue into Friday Due to Poor Air Quality


The Antioch Unified School District has announced that schools will continue to be closed Friday October 13 due to poor air quality due to wild fires.

This will be the second day in a row and the school will monitor air quality over the weekend to see if schools will re-open on Monday.

Here is a copy of the auto dialer that went out around 3:30 pm Thursday.

“This is Stephanie Anello, Superintendent of the Antioch Unified School District with an important safety announcement. We have been monitoring the air quality throughout the day. Once again, given the extreme poor air quality due to the recent, ongoing wildfires, schools will be closed tomorrow Friday, October 13th.

Although the air appeared to be less toxic than predicted today,  it is forecasted to be,  once again, unhealthy tomorrow. Due to living in the Bay Area, our micro-climates are dynamic and air quality is always changing. Additionally, although some fires may have improved containment levels, this does not necessarily equate to different levels of toxic pollutants in the air that can reach our children.

Please know that your child’s safety was the primary factor leading to this decision. Many of our students walk or ride their bike to and from school and will be exposed to the poor air quality even if we were to remain open and shelter in place.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause you but, again, your child’s safety is our number one concern.  

Thank you, as always, for your continued support of our schools and our District as we work to ensure your child’s health is not compromised in any way.  Our thoughts remain with the victims of this tragedy as well as with the firefighters and other first responders.”



  1. Why can’t the kids just stay indoors the duration of the school day? it’s crystal clear in Antioch today and no smoke odor anywhere.

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