Antioch Police Chief Announces Retirement, Accepts Private Sector Job


Police Chief Allan Cantando has announced his retirement after serving nearly 30 years with the Antioch Police Department, the last 5 1⁄2 as its leader.

Chief Cantando said that while the decision to leave was difficult, he believed the time was right for him to move on to the next challenge in his professional career and has accepted a position as Vice President; Protective Services Regional Manager for Bank of America.

According to Chief Cantando, “Leaving this career after serving this great community is one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. It’s bittersweet, but I am truly excited and looking forward to being part of the amazing Bank of America team.”

Chief Cantando said he will remain the city’s top cop until the first week of April. The City Manager has tapped Captain Tammany Brooks to serve as the interim chief until a permanent hiring decision is made.



  1. Bank of America? That’s the kind of leader we had in Antioch? Now he’s off to protect and serve white collar criminals!

  2. I hope if I put in 30 years as a cop. I get a humongous pension too. Hey Julio,be all you can be but don’t be a bitch.

  3. If you can do the job that long and still work with the terrible City Council that this city has you need to quit while your ahead. Congratulations Chief !!

  4. Thank you for the years of service to our community. You set a good example as a leader in a profession that in today’s world is at a higher risk than most other in civil service work. Your new employer will be benefited by your leadership skills and personal integrity. Good Luck to you and wishing for you many more years of service to your new enployer.

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