Antioch Police Arrest Three After Armed Attempted Robbery at Denny’s


The Antioch Police Department reported an attempted armed robbery at a Denny’s on Lone Tree Way early Tuesday morning that resulted in three arrests and a firearm recovery.

The incident occurred at 12:14 am Tuesday where three suspects entered the restaurant and ordered everyone to the ground. One suspect brandished a firearm, but all three fled before taking anything.

According to police, witnesses gave a clear description of the suspects, the involved vehicle and the weapon they used. The business also had video surveillance that was reviewed by officers which captured the incident and the suspects.

Two hours later, around 2:15 am, while on routine patrol, Officer Inabnett saw a similar vehicle on G Street and contacted the occupants. Officer Duff was able to identify the occupants of the vehicle as the suspects.

As a result, a 20 year old Oakley resident and two juveniles were arrested and a loaded firearm was recovered. The adult suspect was transported to County Jail and the two juvenile suspects were transported to Juvenile Hall.

No further details were released.


  1. If you’re armed, you should have no problem getting money. Find a new profession – like a real job.

  2. Hope they can throw the book at the adult for using a firearm in the commitments of a roddery, and send the juvenile punk too a “Scared Straight” Session at a prison.

  3. If the juveniles are already committing armed robberies then it’s too late for “Scared Straight”. Everyone is joking about it and I do agree they are a joke but anytime there is an armed robbery there is a chance that an innocent person could lose their life. It happens on a daily basis all over this great nation of ours! I say that now is the time it should get “real”! We should charge the juveniles as adults when a crime is committed involving a firearm. Period. The adult should get 10 – 15 years. No “good time” either. 10 years should mean 10 years. People get longer sentences for nonviolent drug offenses than Robbery and Assaults!

  4. They used a gun in an attempt to rob. They will not be released anytime soon. However, they would have done a few weeks in jail and then back on the streets if a weapon was not brandished. Fools for sure.

  5. Guess it was just a dry run. And they were dumb enough to stay on the road with their car a few hours after the robbery attempt. Not the sharpest tools in the shed. Of course that applies to about 95% of criminals. There are a few smart ones, but much more the exception than the rule.

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