Antioch: Illegal Dumping Suspects Caught on Tape


The owner of Paradise Skate in Antioch is asking for the public’s help in identifying at least three people who were caught on tape illegal dumping.

The dumping occurred around 4:30pm on June 13. They backed up a U-Haul truck to his front gate of the roller rink and emptied the truck.

For more information on Paradise Skate Roller Rink, visit them at



    • @The_Dud – Is there some particular reason you have to spout all this racist bullsh*t?

    • although this is totally wrong, pathetic and NOT cool………………if they didn’t charge such huge prices at the dump we wouldn’t have all this trash all over… When I lived in Nashville a few years ago……. the dump was free……….if you lived in the county you were dumping in. I know we have a population that is exceedingly more…..but really?? like 35 bucks to dump a mattress…. and Lord have Mercy if you need to dump a washer or dryer… many of these people can’t even afford to feed their family.. Not sure how they afforded the u-haul.. maybe a stolen credit card.. lol.. i don’t know.. the whole thing is sad.

      • Very good point. The only way to get rid of a mattress is to dump it, even if its in great shape. The fees that we are charged at the dump in Pittsburg only lead to people dumping their garbage along our county roads, and places like this in town.
        I had the opportunity to use the dump in Butte County, outside of Chico, and my fully loaded Tundra only cost me like $15! Same load in Pittsburg, with what i had, would have been more like $50-$60.

  1. 10K fine and they have work every cent of it off because they won’t have the money to pay it. I’m sick of these people.

  2. We saved half the cost by using their suggestion. Take the mattress apart. It was a bit of work but saved us 1/2 the cost to dump it

  3. Illegal dumping is pathetic. Even if the dump was free, lazy people would still dump illegally. It’s convenient.

  4. This whole system of disposing of large items needs to be addressed and changed. When I was helping a relative in a move in Washing state, we took a truckload of disposables to the recycling facility and all she had to do was show that she lived in the county and the city. She showed her monthly utility statement and that was it.

    It costs the municipality money to have their employees come out and remove items left on roadsides. The way things are set up now, it’s obviously not working.

  5. People can afford a iPad or Apple phone yet cannot afford to pay to dump their nasty

  6. dirt bag losers dump there stuff off on to others or on the streets. there are dumpsters everywhere! and that chick looks like that chick that works at that drug dealing dirt bag hang out on 18th and cavallo Romi’s! CANT BELIEVE THEY ARE STILL OPEN! THEY ARE A GOOD 50% OF THEY CRIME AROUND HERE. AIMEE SELLS DOPE RIGHT OUT OF THE STORE! THEY SEND PEOPLE TO STEAL FROM OTHER STORES AND BUY THE STUFF AT 5 CENTS ON THE DALLOR! AND THE EBT FROUD IS OFF THE HOOK! POLICE MUST BE GETTING A CUT CAUSE NO WAY THEY DONT KNOW ABOUT AL;L OF THE CRIME THAT COMES FROM THERE!

    • Wow how you know about this you buying drugs, an hanging out at Romi’s, you seem to know so much.Huh?

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