Antioch Hit With Second Bank Robbery Within a Week


On Saturday May 13, Antioch Police officers responded to the US Bank inside Raley’s in the 3600 block of Lone Tree Way in Antioch for a report of a robbery.

According to Antioch Police Lieutenant Desmond Bittner, a male armed with a handgun entered Raley’s  around 6:36 pm and approached US Bank. The subject pointed a firearm in the bank teller’s face and demanded money.

The take was an undisclosed amount of cash.

No one was injured in the robbery and no suspect information was provided and police are currently working with the FBI on the case.

On Wednesday May 10th, Wells Fargo inside of Safeway was the victim of a bank robbery where a an adult male hopped over the counter armed with a firearm and robbed the bank and fled the scene.

Bittner stated that they were still investigating if both robbery’s were connected other than they both happened to be inside of a grocery store.



  1. Criminals need to feel like they will get caught. Record of catching perps involved in robberies hasnt been stellar lately. I’d expect more of the same until APD can get to spots fast enough to stop crime in progress.

    Calls for service also creeping up…Not liking the trend.

  2. The passing of the law to make felonies misdemeanors & misdemeanors to infractions as well as the release of “non-violent” criminals will only assist in making it much easier for the criminal to commit the crimes because there is NO PUNISHMENTS. Hang on because it is only going get worse. You live in a liberal state

  3. They don’t do that because they get cought doing other petty stuff or unrelated matters stupidly enough on there way to court or officers end up in situatioons killing, shooting , fatal highspeedss or otherwize beating ppl.

  4. I voted NO ON 47 – I’m NOT a liberal. But criminals don’t care about the consequences. If they cared about the consequences they wouldn’t commit crimes.

    They commit crimes for the same reason the rest of us go to work everyday. It’s what they do for a living, and NOTHING will stop them.

    Only law abiding citizens care about the laws. There will always be crime.

  5. The Umpqua Bank……….located in the same complex of businesses as RALEY’s .. was robbed a few weeks ago. I hope they found the old codger who pulled that one off.

  6. Guarantee the robber lives in the apartment complex across the street. He has robbed two banks across the street. And the 7-11 next to gets robbed alot. It’s too convienent. And he can get to his apartment quick and never be caught while the cops search for him.

  7. Really have a feeling they let tht war vet. lookin dude get away with tht one or something lol he fled on foot too aha

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