Antioch: Firefighters Battling Two-Alarm Fire on Deer Hill Lane Near Kaiser


At 5:12 pm Saturday, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District firefighters were dispatched to a report of a vehicle fire next to a home in the 4300 block of Deer Hill Lane off Deer Valley Road just south of Kaiser in the City of Antioch.

While responding, firefighters reported a large column of black smoke.

Upon arrival, Engine 82 reported a large salvage yard on fire with several homes nearby and spotting on the hills with flames and immediately requested a vegetation response.

By 5:25 pm, Engine 82 reported 1 structure well involved, several vehicles involved and several threatened exposures. There was also vegetation on fire. CONFIRE was moving into structure protection mode as units began arriving on scene.

According to Contra Costa County Fire, at least two people have been transported to local hospitals. No further details were released.

The fire burned six buildings, 10 acres of vegetation and several cars were also burned.

Per CONFIRE, damage assessment will be ongoing; however, we believe at this time that 4 homes were destroyed, several out buildings and at least 50+ vehicles and equipment were also destroyed.  The cause of the fire is under investigation at this time.  There were no injuries to incident personnel to date.


  1. Friends home was saved. 2 neighbors lost their homes. Thank you to all the Firemen and first responders for containing the fire.

  2. More like fire watchers! Real great effort letting 6 buildings burn, maybe spend a little more time on learning techniques to save building, instead of being at Safeway for an hour shopping for dinner.

    • You’re a greasy trolly. Climb back under the bridge you rolled out from. No one wants your slime trail here.

      • FF. You do have a small point. I bet if we were taxed more and paid more this would have a different turnout. Lol. Get it, Turn out

        • You must me Have to chuckle, not half to chuckle right? Its not about payong more taxes, Ita about making sure the tax dollars we already have dont go wasted. I have great homeowners insurance, beacuse im not counting on fire watchers to put my fire out.

  3. No salvage yard. Was use for impound vehicles, with one or two that where really worth saving, but who knows maybe they had sentimental value(my opinion). Kudos to the Firefighters, in a **ll like that, important part is their safety/save lives first and structures last.

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