Antioch Councilman Gary Agopian Announces He Has Brain Cancer



East County Today would like to send as many prayers as possible to Antioch City Councilman Gary Agopian and his family this evening after its been shared early this morning that he has brain cancer.  He will be going in for a biopsy soon to find out more information about the disease.

Even with the outlook unknown at this time, the Councilman is staying strong and clinging to his faith while finding the positives in the situation.  In fact, as people are finding out, they are leaving him with beautiful messages of support, prayers and keeping he and his family in their thoughts via social media.

Via text message, Mr. Agopian thanks everyone for the support and he will remain transparent about his fight which will be determined after more tests.

Politics aside,  Agopian is a good man who cares about his city, the people in it, and sees the potential of a city that can move forward. Over the years, Antioch has been a challenge to many, but he always seems to find the positive and talk up the city when many others wouldn’t. As much as he believes in Antioch and willing to fight for it, we know he will put the same amount of effort into beating this thing.

Just like his past has highlighted, he will fight the good fight and we hope our readers have his back!

Until more information is made available,  please send prayers his way!


  1. Prayers to a great man and leader in Antioch. May god bless him and give him a speedy recovery!

  2. Councilman Agopian and I have not agreed on a lot of things in terms of politics, but this is different and I support him 100% in his fight. God bless you and prayers on a speedy recovery!

    • This is very sweet, I wish there were more people in this world like you! It is so important to be able to put politics aside at times and recognize the need to spread the message that people matter, whether or not they agree with you. How refreshing, and what a positive message you have spread to your community!

  3. Gary has been wonderful to work with and campaign with over the many years we have known him. We would expect nothing but a hell of a fight from him as his wife has done with her cancer over the years. A brand new grand father too which is a great new beginning.
    We have your back too Gary!

  4. The Lord Jesus is your life and hope. Thankful that this is your refuge …..will be holding you before the throne of our healing Lord.

  5. Gary, you’re a fighter and you will be in our prayers. Antioch needs you and I am proud to call you my friend.

  6. My prayers and best wishes are for a speedy and full recovery, Gary! With God as your refuge and strength, you will come out of this even stronger. You, Robin and your whole family have my prayers and support.

  7. Gary, you are a good person and friend. I wish you all the strength to fight this off. You can do it.

  8. Gary – with God on your side, nothing can be against. There is a reason for this cancer, and none of us know what it is yet. Leave it all in God’s hands because it is all his. Stay strong in your faith, and God will speak to you and let you know it will be okay. You have alot of people praying for you and your family. I am counting on you to show the world an example of an answered prayer. You will, I am convinced. Take care, stay healthy, and God Bless! John 3:16

    Alma Townsend

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