Antioch City Council Set to Approve Civic Enhancement Grants


On Tuesday, the Antioch City Council will discuss adopting a resolution approving the 2018-19 Civic Enhancement Grants.

The grants were aimed at special events and grass-roots community projects to help the community see Antioch’s heritage and build city pride. This year, the city decided rather than fund each organization throughout the year, it would have an open grant period to create an objective process for reviewing community requests.

The grant period was open between July 2018 – Sept. 28, 2018. The Parks and Recreation Commission appointed an Ad-Hoc Committee to complete the initial review of the applications. The ranking of the grants occurred on October 11, 2018—with the amount not to exceed $200,000.

The ranked awardees include:

  1. $30,000 – Celebration Antioch Foundation (July 4 Fireworks & Winter Holiday)
  2. $5,000 – Antioch Youth Sports Complex (Renovation of Restrooms)
  3. $3,000 – Antioch Historical Society (Directional Signage – Needs approval for location)
  4. $5,000 – Delta Blues Festival (benefit concert)
  5. $10,000 – Women’s Club of Antioch (beatification & Property Improvement)
  6. $3,000 – Rotary Club of the Delta (Low income/At Risk Family home improvements)
  7. $10,000 – El Campanil Theatre (Children’s Theatre Program)
  8. $5,000 – Delta Veterans Group (Upgrade Veterans memorial Banners)
  9. $2,500 – Delta Veterans Group (Softball Tournament of Heroes)
  10. $3,150 – The Drama Factory (Production Fees)
  11. $2,500 – Antioch Rotary Club (Empowerment Project)

According to the application process, the funds may only be used for:

  • Activities performed directly for the benefit and enjoyment of all Antioch residents; open to the public and all citizens.
  • Improvements to or operation of arts and cultural facilities
  • General city beautification

A total of 9 grant applications were submitted which were rejected which included:

  • Antioch Youth Sports Complex – Commercial Mower to mow disc golf course ($1k)
  • DesiRoot,org – Multi-cultural event ($5k to $7k)
  • Rotary Club of the Delta – Prewett Ranch Deer Valley retaining wall beautification start-up project ($4k)
  • Delta Veterans Group – Stand Down on the Delta ($5k)
  • Antioch Middle School – Upgrade School Facilities ($15k)
  • Antioch High School – Upgrade Beede Auditorium Sets ($10k)
  • Antioch High School – Upgrade sound & lighting in Beede Auditorium ($50k)
  • MPDDCA Mission – Remodel Rivertown Resource Center ($50k)
  • Brentwood Community Chorus – Purchase risers ($10k)

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