Walnut Creek Police Seek Help Identifying Apple Store Thieves


The Walnut Creek Police released photographs Tuesday of three female suspects who entered the Apple Store in Walnut Creek on August 11 and stole 16 iPhones.

The subjects fled in a silver 4 door Honda Civic driven by a male.

If you can ID these subjects contact Officer Bertolozzi at [email protected]


  1. A fir lined winter jacket on August 11th is enough to let people know she and her mates are up to no good. A lot of pockets to stash the goods.

  2. It’s racist for Apple to think everyone should have to pay for their products. This is the new America. Everything should be free( For certain people that is).

    • I see this misinformation everywhere online. While I despise these lowlife thugs and criminals (and am just waiting for the day when they get caught – rough them up for their boldness before slapping the cuffs on them – it will stop these weekly robberies swiftly), the free phone program was launched by TracFone in 2008, during the administration of George W. Bush. It was passed prior to the advent of the Obama administration. A little research goes a long way. I am no fan of Obama, but let us go with facts, not fiction.

  3. When they are done shaming you for suspecting them, you have to lick your wounds for not suspecting them and taking a loss, can’t win

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