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Update: Three Shot in Shootout at Romi’s Liquor and Food in Antioch

by ECT

The Antioch Police Department is investigating an overnight shooting that left three people wounded in the City of Antioch.

The shooting occurred shortly before 12:30 am when a man opened fire in Romi’s Liquor and Food at E 18th Street and Cavallo before it continued outside into the parking lot before extending all the way out to Cavallo.

According to preliminary information, a grandmother was in a vehicle while waiting for her daughter to run inside to make a purchase when she was struck in the head and arm by stray bullets that was meant for someone else.  Another man fled across 18th Street to the Executive Inn Motel where he was later located with a gunshot wound.

The status of the victims is unknown as of 6:00 am. Both gunshot victims were transported via ambulance to local trauma centers. Police did recover a weapon at the scene.

UPDATE via Antioch Police

On 7/24/2021, at 12:24 am, APD officers responded to Romi’s Liquor and Food for two people who had been shot.

After medical attention was given to the two victims, officers reviewed video from the area and discovered there were three armed males who engaged in a shootout. Suspect descriptions were developed from the video. While officers were still on scene a third shooting victim was located.

This male was positively identified as one of the males who had shot in this incident. Additionally, later in the night a second male who had participated in this shootout was located by officers. Both males were arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and various weapon related crimes.

Officers are continuing to follow up on leads to identify the third and last suspect. All gunshot victims are in stable condition at the time of this writing.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Antioch Police Department non-emergency line at (925)778-2441 or You  may also text-a-tip to 274637 (CRIMES) using the key word ANTIOCH.

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Street-Sweeper Jul 24, 2021 - 6:21 am

JFC, someone took their grandmother to Romis at 12:30 in the morning!?

How has this shithole not been shut down yet? Somebody knows who was shooting.

Turn2 Jul 24, 2021 - 7:22 pm

Its the business owners fault. Just ask the mayor

VNV Jul 24, 2021 - 9:51 am

IT doesn’t get any better than this folks.. Pat I would like to solve this puzzle. !!

oniwy Jul 24, 2021 - 11:01 am

ATF will be expanding their scope to include a focus on 18th & Cavallo?

Brittany Ames Jul 24, 2021 - 1:40 pm

Romi’s should have been shut down years ago! That one attracts the worst-of-the-worst! If you can avoid it, do not drive past it or you might get carjacked at the light or wind up with a stray bullet in your head. Run them out of town!

DJ53 Jul 24, 2021 - 9:52 pm

I hope my grandkids never take me grocery shopping at Romis at 12:30 in the morning. That’s pretty sad!!

Uncaped Crusader Jul 24, 2021 - 11:27 pm

Who owns this Romi’s shithole?

Bearman Jul 25, 2021 - 1:26 pm

Seems that the grandmother was shot in the head, which is not a good sign.

Jake Stillwater Jul 26, 2021 - 2:03 am

That place should be shut down and bulldozed along with some of the apartment buildings on Cavallo where a lot of these low lives reside.

Lauren Jones Jul 28, 2021 - 2:07 am

I get such a kick from the name someone gave that motel —- Executive Inn Motel — I wonder how many executives actually stay there. Someone told me it’s a hooker motel.

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