Update: 16-Year-Old Arrested in Tuesday Fatal Shooting in Antioch of 17-Year-Old Female


The Antioch Police Department announced Thursday that detectives took a 16-year-old male into custody in the City of Oakley for the murder of a 17-year-old female.

According to Sergeant James Stenger, it was determined this shooting occurred during an illegal drug transaction. The name of the suspect cannot be released because of his age.

The shooting occurred Tuesday at 7:11 pm on La Jolla Drive in the City of Antioch where two 17-year-old’s were shot. The male was wounded, however, he drove the 17-year-old to the hospital where she was deceased.

The deceased victim’s name is being with held pending an autopsy by the Contra Costa County Coroner’s Office.

Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Gonzalezat 925-779-6923, or the Antioch Police Department non-emergency line at (925)778-2441. You may also text-a-tip to 274637 (CRIMES) using the key word ANTIOCH


  1. Voting yes on legaling marijuana was a terrible mistake. Not only has crime
    ( home/auto break-ins, theft, etc) , increase as users will need more money to buy, but also youth and adults will destroy their brains. Proven fact!

    • Find it what they were buying before you make very stupid comments about things you don’t know, or understand. Since legalizing marijuana it hasn’t increased anything but taxes coming into state funds. Idiot.

      • Wrong, legalizing marijuana has caused more problems such as people growing it illegally and then thieves raiding fields trying to steal it. Lots of this going on in the Sacramento area where a cop just got killed. Also, thieves trying to steal a stash over on Garcia Avenue in Pittsburg resulting in the killing of the guy who ran the operation. Read your police reports!

    • Try reading the article. It said ILLEGAL DRUGS. Like you mentioned marijuana is now LEGAL!
      Marijuana is not the problem!

        • Why did you capitalize “brain cells” and “stoners”? You sound like an average lame baby boomer. Time to call it quits old fart.

          • Being born in 1985 doesn’t make me a “baby boomer.” My grandparents are baby boomers. I capitalized those words for emphasis.

          • You come across as a brainless OLD FART, Mary Jo. See what toking does to you? How many brain cells do you have left?

    • Not sure how legalizing marijuana led to the murder of a 17yo selling illegal drugs to a 16yo. There is no legal drugs at these ages and no legal drugs sold out of a car. Let’s not blame a law with people… kids making poor choices.

      • “Legalizing” marijuana was a huge mistake. It’s still illegal on the federal level and the feds just might pull the rug from under this “law,” according to what I’m hearing from our DOJ. Also, no one is investing in this “industry.” So, some people thought they’d make a killing in it, but it’s not happening.

    • Yes! Crimes escalate during November and December when the holidays approach. This is not the end of the cycle.

  2. The tree should burn for the rotten fruit it produced. Stop f****** and start s****** or licking but for Gods sake stop sticking!

  3. Not a single bit of regard or compassion for the familys involved in this tragic story. Very sad what our people have come to. Cant even have a tiny bit of respect for the mom that has to bury her baby or the mom that has to learn how to visit her baby in jail for the rest of his life. All so selfish and disrespectful people jumping on the I got to tell you about how “I” feel wagon. Just sad a sickning. Rip bby girl. I could never imagine going through what your family has to go through, NO MATTER WHAT THE STORY IS PERIOD!! someone is dead!! Having positive support and comments would be the kind thing to do first. Yes, this is a free county and we have the right to free speech but for your negative comments to come out so immediatly, i thinking mabye your mammas would be ashamed. And now go ahead and talk crap about my spelling and my comments, its expected but seriously think about it and if what im saying makes no sense to you, that breaks my heart. God please protect all involved in this very sad story. Keep them strong in this hard time.

    • The kid who did the shooting should never see the light of day again! let him mom visit him in prison and think about how she raised him. Whats the matter with these people? Do they think the kid will just be plopped down and raise himself? If you don’t know how to raise a child, then don’t have any. No one will miss them!

    • Yes! Someone IS dead and someone else will pay the price for making them dead. This should serve as another lesson on how to bring up your kids! Also, you need to supervise your kids more and get involved in what they are doing and who are their friends. Kids do not raise themselves . . they are like clay to be molded.

    • My Mama and Papa made sure we were raised right and not hang out with criminal punks. Both parents were on the same page as far as upbringing all three of us. They were both involved on a day-to-day basis and we are so grateful for that.


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