Senator Chang Advocates to Ensure Funding from Lottery Sales Goes to Our Schools

Press Release


SACRAMENTO – Senator Ling Ling Chang (R-Diamond Bar) issued the following statement after the Joint Legislative Audit Committee (JLAC) approved her request for an audit of the California State Lottery, which will review the growing disparity between record-breaking revenues and the lottery’s contribution to California’s public education system:

“The lottery was created to fund schools and nothing more. Unfortunately, media reports over the past year have painted a negative picture of the California State Lottery as an agency under fire for wasteful spending and nepotism.  Meanwhile, revenues for the lottery have skyrocketed while funds to schools have remained flat.

“I’m deeply concerned after reading those media stories so that is why I requested for an independent audit of the California State Lottery. Every dollar wasted at the California State Lottery is another dollar taken away from students and from our public schools.”

The lottery has not undergone a complete and independent audit by the State Auditor in 22 years.

In April, the California State Controller reviewed the California State Lottery’s Office Revolving Fund (ORF) and Travel Expenses and identified more than $300,000 in “prohibited and questionable costs.” A comprehensive audit will finally provide some answers about how the lottery operates and whether it is putting students or its own bureaucracy first.

Senator Chang’s full letter to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee can be viewed here.


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