Pittsburg: Vegetation Fire Limited to 5-Acres Behind Movie Theater

Photo by Charmains Unique Monie

On Tuesday night, Contra Costa County Firefighters were dispatched to a report of a vegetation fire behind the Maya Cinimas at Century Plaza off Century Blvd in the City of Pittsburg.

The fire came in just before 9:00 pm.

Units arrived on scene to find grass, brush and trees on fire in a field behind the Maya Cinemas and immediately went tactical for structure protection.

Contra Costa County Fire Prevention Captain Tracie Dutter said the fire was limited to 5-acres.



  1. That’s an area where a lot of the so-called “homeless” perch! They don’t care! What do they have to lose? Many set fires just to get even with productive people.

  2. Too many fires without a fire starter. Hope someone is looking into what’s up. Two fires burning on way to work.

  3. It’s not safe to even go into this movie theater anymore! There’s a vast empty field behind it full of dry vegetation ready to set on fire!

  4. Or do you think i could be the other way around someone else doing it blaming it on the homeless cause no one wants them around cause there a bother some to everyone who choose not to see that they are here to stay and that just aint gonna happen cause alot of people think there to good

    • No, Marie .. “there” have been seen setting the fires and “there” not going to stay here.

    • yes, MARIE KING. a lot of people think “there to good” because THEY’RE too good! And, it’s a good thing!

    • There’s not staying here, Marie! The camps have been disbanded one-by-one for security reasons. By the way, that’s one long sentence you posted. I had to hold my breath as I read it. Punctuation would be a good thing to apply.

    • No, Marie King! Someone else is not setting these fires. It’s the homeless who are doing that. They don’t care about their belonging nor anything else. You’re right! No one wants them around because of the harm they are causing. Many refuse any help and have a grudge against the world. It’s getting to the point where people will no longer tolerate their behavior and will take action if the police don’t do their job first.

    • Hey Marie King! From reading your posting, I just wonder whether the THIRD GRADE was your SENIOR YEAR?

  5. There’s a huge empty field full of tall, dry weeds behind that theater. Who owns that property and why are they not maintaining it properly? The Contra Costa Fire Protection people should be on top of this!

  6. Yes you are right they do refuse help. Because, the help that they can get require them to test clean. So the public keeps handing them money at stop lights and in front of stores. And look at the mess they make. I am sick of it and I’m not going to help anyone if they wont help themselves.

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